The origin of the name "Wheeler" is English: it's an occupational name for—not surprisingly—a maker of wheels (for vehicles or for use in spinning or various other manufacturing processes), from an agent derivative of the Middle English term whele (‘wheel’). The name is particularly common on the Isle of Wight; on the mainland it is concentrated in the neighboring region of central southern England.
   But many families by that name were first found in Worcestershire, where they held a family seat from ancient times, before and after the Norman Conquest in 1066, at Martin Hussingtree. An early family Coat of Arms is green; then, on a gold horizontal stripe are three green lions. The Crest is a silver griffin's head emerging from a crown. The Family Motto is: "Avito jure"—translated, "By ancestral right."
   The spelling of the name has been recorded in different ways, depending on the spelling skills of various church and town clerks. Variations include Weiler, Wheller, Weller, Wheyler, Wiler, Wyler, and countless others. But whenever original signatures are obtainable, the name is always spelled "Wheeler."
   Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants in the American Colonies were: Joseph Wheeler, who settled in New England in 1630; Mercy Wheeler, who settled in Massachusetts in 1633; Henry Wheeler, who settled in Virginia in 1623; and Isaac Wheeler, who settled in Charlestown, Mass., between 1620-1650. Wheelers were among the first to settle in Concord, Dedham, Boston, Charlestown and Newbury, Massachusetts, and Stonington and Stratford, Connecticut, according to Savage's Genealogical Dictionary.
   Our family's line can be traced back to EVERT/EDWARD WHEELER (born about 1665). His ancestors are unconfirmed, but The Wheeler Family History, by Raymond David Wheeler and Gordon Boyce Wheeler, places him as a possible son of John Wheeler (c: 14 Mar 1627 in Clerkenwell, St. James, Middlesex, England) who emigrated to the American Colonies and settled in New London, Connecticut. This theory is based on the naming conventions of Evert's children¹ and would then trace his line back to Henry Wheeler, born about 1503 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England. Another possibility is contained in The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage 1614-1775, which lists a man sentenced to expidition in Worchestershire: "Wheeler, Edward of Evesham, who was reprieved for transportation for America Mar 1683."
   But whatever his ancestry, Evert wound up at Kinderhook, New York, in the territory along the Hudson River south of Fort Orange. The name is derived from "Kinderhoek," which means "Children's Corner" in the language of the original Dutch settlers. In the 17th Century, this region of land near Claverack was originally purchased for settlement by the Dutch, which led to the development and growth of the regions. In 1664, the English took over New Netherland and renamed it the Province of New York. At this time (1686), the area was granted the Great Kinderhook Patent and organized into one township, and Fort Orange was renamed Albany. New Englanders like Evert streamed into the area.

Wedding Record
Name: Evert Willer
Spouse: Josyntje Gardenier
Marriage Date: 13 Oct 1689
Marriage Place: Albany, Albany, New York
Page: 77
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SOURCE: Church Records of Albany, NY, Dutch Reformed Church Records from New York and New Jersey. Holland Society of New York, New York, New York.
   At the time Evert arrived, however, this area was still in dispute. Throughout the 1700's, there was prolonged trouble over the Massachusetts boundary line, with New Englanders claiming the Hudson River as their western boundary and New Yorkers claiming control over land extending into Connecticut. This antagonism was further inflamed by the cultural disparity between the primarily Dutch New Yorkers and the English New Englanders. Evert, formerly a New Englander, apparently wasn't disturbed at all by the culture clash, as he married a local girl of Dutch ancestry named JOSYNTJE JANSE GARDENIER (born @ 1665). The marriage record described the groom as a "young man from NEW ENGLAND", meaning that he had probably moved to New York from the New England area (some say New London, Connecticut, where many Wheelers lived), and that this was his first marriage.
   The Banns were posted on 13 October 1689, at Albany Reformed Dutch Church in Albany, Albany County, New York (the Gardeniers were Lutherans). Evert and Josyntje had at least fourteen children, born between 1692 and 1719 in Kinderhook (see the 1720 Albany Census). The known children are as follows:


  • JAN WHEELER (c. 1692 - d. aft 1740) was baptized 11 Sept 1692 at the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany: "Jan, son of Evert Wiler & Josine Jansen, witnesses Maas Cornelisz, & Sara Jansz" (Josina's mother). (Dutch Reformed Church Records from New York and New Jersey. Holland Society of New York.) Named for Josina's father, Jan, and also probably Edward's father, John. He married Anna Margaretha Loescher, born ca 1693/4 at Hochspeyer, Germany. Anna Margaretha died after 16 Jan 1740. They are probably buried at First Lutheran Church of Germantown (Defunct), Germantown, Columbia County, New York.⁴
  • SARA WHEELER (c. 1694) was baptized on 27 May 1694 at the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany. "Sara, daughter of Evert Wile & Josine Jacobsz, witnesses Jacob Winnen & Eva Winnen." Named for Josina's mother Sara. Sara married Willem Sluyter and they had Cornelia, Edward, Niclaes, Lea, Willem, Jacob, and Cornelis. She died ca 1724/1727.
  • BREECHJE WHEELER (c. 1696 d. aft 1762) was baptized on 10 May 1696 at Reformed Dutch Church of Albany. "Breechje, daughter of Evert Wiler & Josina Gardenier, witnesses Johannes Oothout, Hendrik Hansz, & Hester Fonda." On 19 June 1719, she married Johannes SEGAR(S) and had the following children: Hilletie, Hendrick, Thomas, Roeleff, Johannes, Albertus, Hilletie, Jacob, and Josytje. Brechie died aft 1762.
  • ROBERT WHEELER (c. 1697/1699 d. aft 1752) Named for Edward's older brother, Robert. No baptismal record was found, but his marriage record states he is son of Edward of Kinderhook: 27 Oct 1717 West Camp Lutheran Ch New York, as "son of Edwart Wihler of Kinderhook" [now Columbia Co NY] to Catharine Heyl. They had the following children: Edward, Hendrick, Anna, Josyna, Sara, Margaretha, Johannes, Samuel, and William.
  • MARIETJE WHEELER (c. 1698 d. aft 1716) was baptized on 26 Jun 1698 at Reformed Dutch Church of Albany. "Marietje, daughter of Eduward Wieler and Josyntje Gardenier, witnesses Jan Fondaas & Marretje Fondaas." Named for Edward's possible mother, Mary. OR she could have been named for her sponsor.
  • THOMAS WHEELER (c. 1700 prob died abt late 1720's) was baptized on 5 Jan 1700 at Reformed Dutch Church of Albany. "Thomas, son of Eduwart Whiler & Josyna Jacobsen, witnesses Jaen Fyn & Alida Fyn." Named for Edward's brother Thomas and also his grandfather Thomas. On 26 Jun 1722 Thomas married Catharina Haver, at Reformed Dutch Church of Albany. "With Banns Thomas Wyllaer and Chath. Haver." They had two children, Edward and Margrita.
  • JACOB WHEELER (c. 1701) was baptized on 12 Oct 1701 at Reformed Dutch Church of Albany. "Jacob, son of Edward & Josyntje Whiler, witnesses Ariaantje & Jacob Janse Gardenier." Named for Josina's brother Jacob. Probably died as an infant.
  • EVERT WHEELER, JR. (c. 1704) was baptized on 13 Feb 1704 at Reformed Dutch Church of Albany. "Evert, son of Edward Wieller & Josina Jansse, witnesses Evert Van Alen & Helena Gardenier." He married Maria Woodcock and had Josyna, Arientje, Helena, Sara, John, Edward, Thomas, Samuel, Hendrick, Abraham, Jacob, Marytje, Anaache, and Annatgen/Hanna.
  • HELENA (or LENA) WHEELER (c. 1706) was baptized on 25 Dec 1706 in Albany. Named for Josina's sister Helena. She married Roeloff de Klerk and had Hilletie, Josina, Hilletie, William, Edward, Jacomyntje, Elizabeth, and Hendrik.
  • HENRIK WHEELER (c. 1708) was baptized on 26 Sep 1708 at Reformed Dutch Church of Albany. "Henrik, son of Evert Whieller & Josina Gardenier, witnesses Henrik & Catharina Van Rensselaar." Probably died as an infant.
  • DOREATHE WHEELER (c. 1710) was baptized on 5 Nov 1710 at Reformed Dutch Church of Albany. She died aft 1727.
  • SAMUEL WHEELER (c. 1713 d. 1771) was baptized on 12 Dec 1713 at Reformed Dutch Church of Albany. "Samuel, son of Edderd & Josyne Wiele, witnesses Obedias & Cornelia Couper." He married Margaretha VAN WOERDT and had Josyna and Ailtje.
  • JOHN WHEELER (b. 1713/1716) -m- Elizabeth Wheeler and had John, Edward,
    Maria, Josyna, Anatje, Helena, William, Samuel, and Jacob.
  • JACKEMYNTIE WHEELER (c. 1716/1719) was baptized in 1717 in Kinderhook, Columbia CO New York. No further record.
  • ELYSABETH WHEELER (c.1716/1719 d. after 1738) was baptized in 1719 in Kinderhook, Columbia Co., New York. No further record.
  • Book Information
    Book Image
    Name: Year Book of the Holland Society of New York
    Author: Theodore M. Banta
    Publisher: Knickerbocker
    Year: 1903
    Chapter: Some Records of the Early Lutheran Church, New York
    Jan Wheeler Family: 59. 65, 75, 87, 88 (Index: 94- 118)
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    A Study of the Early Lutheran Church Registers of New York City, Hackensack, Kinderhoek, and Hudson River Valley.
       Within two generations, this extensive family settled both sides of the Hudson from as far south as Dover Dutchess Co., Ulster Co., Greene Co., Columbia Co., Albany Co., Rockland Co., and Rensselaer Co. Descendants spread up and down the Hudson in the second and third generations.
       Our branch of the family, through son JAN WHEELER, stayed in Kinderhook as well. Jan joined the Albany County Militia and is listed in the 1715 roll call of Captain Abraham Van Alstyne's Company. The colonial militia was organized by county and drawn from the general male population. By law, all male inhabitants from 15 to 55 were enrolled in militia companies. Jan served with brothers Robert and Edward, as well as in-laws Dirk, Jacob, Andreis and Jan Gardenier. Also in the company was ensign Stephanis Van Alen and his brothers Luycas, Lowrence, Jacobus and Johanis Van Alen.

       Jan married ANNA MARGARETHA LOESCHER (1693 - 1740) in 1714, in Kinderhook. She was born in Hochspeyer (in what is now Germany), then sailed to America with her family in the great Palatine migration of 1709. The immigrants were brought to Livingston Manor, which was located in what is now known as Germantown, Dutchess County. They worked there as indentured servants to make tar for the English from the pine trees in the Catskill Mountains. Then Anna and her family eventually settled in Elizaville, Columbia County, New York.
       Jan and Margaretha were devout Lutherans, and there are extensive records of them attending the Klinkenberg Lutheran Church there in the early 1700s, as well as neighboring churches in the area. And it was at one of these churches where they probably met the Haus family, which also had sailed to New York in the 1710 migration... and their daughter, SARAH WHEELER, fell in love with a young man named JOHANNES HAUS.
       Jan and Margaretha Wheeler had the following children:


  • EPHRAIM WHEELER was born 21 Feb 1715 (Greene Co. New York) and baptized in 1715 at NYC Lutheran. (NOTE: according to naming patterns in widespread use in the Hudson Valley at that time, Jan Wheeler should have named that eldest son for his own father. Was Ephraim also called Evert?) He married Anna Catherine Kuhn and died 10 May 1808 in Dover (Pawling) Dutchess Co. NY. Their children included: Anna Catherine, born 3 Nov 1735; Margaretha, born 6 Jan 1739, married Thomas Wheeler (born 12 Jan 1735), son of Edward and Maria (Woodcock) Wheeler; Valentine Ephraim, born 7 May 1741, married Helena Dutcher and second Sarah Dutcher. He died 11 Oct 1782 in Dover, Dutchess Co., NY; Edward, born 1745 married Mary Dutcher. Died 10 Feb 1824 in Herkimer Co., NY; George, born 11 Jan 1746 Columbia Co. NY, married to Catherine Coloyn (or Lyon); Helena married 9 Dec 1766 to Isaac Cole; Sarah married 15 Dec 1766 to Gottlieb Wynant Frick; Elizabeth married 3 Jan 1774 to Edward Wheeler; Maria married 1 June 1775 to Samuel ard.
  • RACHEL WHEELER was born on 2 Mar 1717 in Kinderhook, Columbia, New York, and Christened on 24 Mar 1717 Klinckenberg, Greene, New York. She married Jan Schmid (b: Abt 1717) and they had Anna Maria (b: 4 May 1734, c: 1734 in St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Rhinebeck, Dutchess, New York); Johannes (b: 31 Aug 1736, c: 22 Sep 1736 in Teerbosch, Columbia, New York); Pieter (c: 24 Jan 1739 in Reformed Church, Linlithgo, Livingston, Columbia, New York); Brechie (c: 14 Dec 1740 in Reformed Church, Tappen, Rockland, New York); Margrietye (b: 29 Sep 1742, c: 7 Nov 1742 in Reformed Church, Tappen, Rockland, New York); Daniel (b: 19 Jan 1747, c: 8 Feb 1747 in Reformed Church, Tappen, Rockland, New York); and Cathrientye Schmid (b: 23 Aug 1749, c: 3 Dec 1749 in Reformed Church, Tappen, Rockland, New York).
  • ELISABETH WHEELER was born on 7 Sep 1719 and Christened on 16 Jan 1720 in Athens, Greene, New York. She married Jacob Jager (b: Abt 1719) and they had a son, Niclaus Jager (b: Abt 1745).
  • SEBASTIAN WHEELER (b Nov 1721 in Kinderhook) was baptized on 7 Jan 1722 in Gospelhook as an Evangelical Lutheran. Sponsors: Sebastian Loscher; Anna Maria Loscherin. (Source: Baptism Record of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Athens, Greene County; Athens Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church: 1704-1918) He married Catherine Hoffman (b: Abt 1721 in New York) and they had Gertraud Wheeler (c: 21 Aug 1743 in St. Paul's Zion Lutheran Church, Red Hook, Dutchess, New York); Elizabeth (c: 1 Dec 1743-9 Dec 1743 in Reformed Church, Rhinebeck, Dutchess, New York); Peggy (b: Abt 1743-1763 ); Mary (b: Abt 1743-1763); Fear (b: Abt 1743-1763); Anna Catharina (b: 8 Jun 1748 in Dutchess, New York); Eva (b: Abt 1745-1753); Susanna (b: 25 Dec 1758); and John Benjamin Wheeler (b: 1 Jul 1766 in Crum Elbow, Dutchess, New York). Sebastian died on 16 Feb 1788 in Dutchess, New York, and is buried at Valley View Cemetery, Dover Plains, Dutchess, New York.
  • JOHN WHEELER was born abt 1722-1730 in Kinderhook, Columbia, New York. He married Anna Maria Margaretha Proper (b: Abt 1726-1730) and they had Frederick (b: Abt 1745-1750); Hans George (b: 15 Apr 1751 c: 12 May 1751 in St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Rhinebeck, Dutchess, New York); Johan Balthaser Baltus (b: 11 Mar 1753 c: 25 Mar 1753 in St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Rhinebeck, Dutchess, New York); Susanna (b: 21 Aug 1755); Elizabeth (b: Abt 1750-1770); Albertus (c: 14 Feb 1762 in Reformed Church, Linlithgo, Livingston, Columbia, New York); and Marcus (c: 9 Apr 1765 in Reformed Church, Linlithgo, Livingston, Columbia, New York). John died between 1792-1793 in Pawling, Dutchess, New York. His will is witnessed by John B. Wheeler in 1792 [This would be his nephew]. His aunt, Anna Maria Loscher and her husband Marcus Koen were his sponsors. He and his wife stand as sponsors for children of two of his brothers: for Margriet, daughter of brother Niklas and for Edward, son of brother George. Also, he lived in Pawling in later life where his brother's Ephraim and Sebastian resided. These lead the compiler to place him as a son of Jan.
  • CONRAD WHEELER married Magdalena Richter and had Conrad (b: Abt 1750); Elisabeth (b: 8 Nov 1751, c: 25 Dec 1751 in St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Rhinebeck, Dutchess, New York); Johannes (b: 11 Mar 1753, c: 19 Jan 1754 in Reformed Church, Linlithgo, Livingston, Columbia, New York); Andreas (b: 1 Sep 1760 c: 1760 in Zion Lutheran Church, Athens, Greene, New York); Wilhelm (b: Abt 1750-1762); and Maria (b: Abt 1750-1762).
  • SARA WHEELER was baptized 28 Aug 1728 at Reformed Church, Kinderhook, Columbia, New York. Sponsors were Samuel Gardenier and Sara Gardenier. Parents were listed as Jan Wieler and Margariet. (See image, at right.) Sara married JOHANNES HAUS. (Children listed below.) Source: Baptismal records of Reformed Church, Kinderhook, Columbia, New York. (Extracted from SL# 17451, or "The Kelly Transcription.")
  • NIKLAS WHEELER was born 25 Nov 1728, probably in Columbia County, New York. Children, all by 1st wife Maritje Decker in Columbia County: John (b ca 1759); Jemima (bp 1761 m Nicholas Stickels); Elizabeth (bp 1763 sps Jacob Juger, m Phillip Kuhn); Margaret (bp 1765 sps Johannes Wheeler, Anna Proper; m John Finger); Jane (bp 1767 m Jacob Kuhn; to Vermont); Mary (b ca 1769 m William Hayner); Sarah (bp 1771 m John Van Arnum); Peter (b 1773); George N. (bp 1778 sps Geo. Wheeler & w Marie Denry; m Nelletje/Ellen Teeling dau of Alex); Catharine (bp 1781. m Thomas Betts); Nicholas Jr (bp 1785). The will of Nicholas Wheeler of Brunswick was dated 1 September 1807 and was recorded 7 August 1810. He died on 24 Jun 1810 in Brunswick, Rensselaer, New York, and was buried at the Wheeler-Derrick Cemetery, Center Brunswick, New York, between his two wives: 1st ca 1757 Maritje Decker (1737-1796) and 2nd ca 1798 Mary ______ (d 17 June 1808).
  • GEORGE "JURIE" WHEELER was born in 1730 in Kinderhook, Columbia, New York, United States. He married Patty Polly Tenderly and had John J. (b: Abt 1755-1765); Michael (b: 22 Sep 1759, c: 5 Oct 1759 in Reformed Church, Clarkstown, Rockland, New York); Peiter Wheeler (c: 13 Dec 1761 in Reformed Dutch Church, New Paltz, Ulster, New York); Reinhard; Niclaes Wheeler (c: 8 Jun 1766 in Gallatin Reformed Church, Gallatinville, Columbia, New York); Elisabeth (c: 16 Oct 1768 in Reformed Church, Germantown, Columbia, New York); Eduard (b: 21 Jan 1771, c: 1771 in St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Rhinebeck, Dutchess, New York); Mary (c: 21 Nov 1773); and Catherine (c: 29 Apr 1776). George was a Loyalist from Dutchess/Columbia Co who was imprisoned several times as well as his wife, a son, and a daughter all of whom were put in irons during the Revolution. They were often fined and forced to leave home. In 1787, his son, Nicholas was a claimant to the British government for losses suffered in America. George lived on Livingston's manor, where he had a tenant farm of 200 acres. He had two sons in the British Army one of which was Reinhard. Children documented were Nicholas, Reinhard of Gagetown New Brunswick (NB), Elizabeth of Gagetown NB, Edward of Maugerville NB, Mary of Maugerville NB, and Catherine of Gagetown NB. Three sons and one daughter remained in the US. George died in Nov 1786 in Oromocto, Sunbury, New Brunswick, Canada. It is not certain that George is a son of Jan as a baptismal record has not been found. However, George uses two different children of Jan Wheeler, his brother's and sister's, as baptismal sponsors for his children. This makes it almost a certainty that he belongs to this family.
  •    Niklas (or Nicholas) and his brother George were Loyalists and fled to Canada.² After the war, Nicholas returned to the USA and settled in Brunswick, Rensselaer Co., New York, but George remained in New Brunswick, Canada, and most of his descendants today are Canadians.³
       During the 1760's and early 1770's Kinderhook inhabitants were also threatened by the claims of powerful landowners in the Livingston and VanRenssalaer families. These controversies slowed this area's agricultural development and by 1763 the Village had fifteen homes and the Dutch Reformed Church. John Hause and Sarah Wheeler left the area and settled in Rockland County, where they raised a close-knit family with at least nine children:


  • ELISABETH (or Lisabeth) HAUSE, born on 9 April 1747 in Orangetown, Rockland County. Christening: 10 May 1747; Reformed Church, Tappen, Rockland, New York. Parents: Johannis Houys and Sara Willier. Sponsors: Ryndert Houys and wife, Elizabeth. Source: The Baptism Record of the Tappan Reformed Church, Tappan, Rockland County [1694-1899]. Elisabeth married John Decker Robertson and had a daughter: Lisabeth Robertson (Sponsor: John Haus, & wife Sara Wieler, pictured at right), according to the Baptism Record of Linlithgo Reformed Church: Livingston Linlithgo Reformed Church 1722-1889. On 7 Feb 1768, John Haus and his wife, Sara Wiler, stood as sponsors for Lisabeth, daughter of Jan Decker Robertson and Lisabeth Haus.
  • ANNA MARGARETHA HAUSE, born on 15 Apr 1749 in Kakiat, Rockland, New York. Christening: 13 May 1749 New York. Married Peter Klapper (c. 2 Apr 1743 in Red Hook, Dutchess, New York) Abt 1768 in Columbia Co., New York. They had the following children: Johannes P. (c: 11 Dec 1768 in Reformed Church, Claverack, Columbia, New York); Henry Peter (b: Abt 1770 in Columbia, New York); Jacob (b: 2 Feb 1773 c: 1773 in St. Thomas' Lutheran Church, Churchtown, Claverack, Columbia, New York); Petrus (b: 23 Jul 1777 c: 12 Aug 1777 in Reformed Church, Claverack, Columbia, New York); Sarah (b: 29 Sep 1779 c: 17 Oct 1779 in Reformed Church, Linlithgo, Livingston, Columbia, New York) Critje (b: 22 Jun 1782 c: 14 Jul 1782 in Reformed Church, Claverack, Columbia, New York); Wilhelm Peter (b: 21 Sep 1784 in Clapper Hollow, Albany, New York c: 1784 in West Sand Lake, Rensselaer, New York); Nicholas (b: 16 Jun 1787 c: 8 Jul 1787 in Reformed Dutch Church, Albany, Albany, New York); and Maria (b: 14 Mar 1790 c: 19 Mar 1790 in West Sand Lake, Rensselaer, New York. Margaretha died abt 26 Jan 1833 in Bethlehem, Albany, New York. Her will was proved 26 Feb 1833. Data provided by James Dibble - provided baptism place - Lutheran Church, NYC.
  • MARRITJE HAUSE, christened 15 Oct. 1750 in Orangetown, Rockland County, with her parents listed as "Johannes Huyser and Sarah Weiler." Sponsors: Poulus Hopper; Maritje Hopper. (Source: Baptisms at Clarkstown. Clarkstown: 1749-1853. Denomination: Reformed).) She married Coenrad Klapper on 29 Mar 1768 at Reformed Church, Linlithgo, Livingston, Columbia, New York, and had: Johannes Conrad (b: 18 Apr 1769, c: 1769 in St. Thomas' Lutheran Church, Churchtown, Claverack, Columbia, New York); Henrich (b: 11 Apr 1771, c: 11 Apr 1772 in St. Thomas' Lutheran Church, Churchtown, Claverack, Columbia, New York); Sara (b: 28 Feb 1773, c: 1773 in St. Thomas' Lutheran Church, Churchtown, Claverack, Columbia, New York) Critje (b: 24 Dec 1776, c: 19 Jan 1777 in Reformed Church, Claverack, Columbia, New York); William (b: 8 Jan 1780, c: 20 Feb 1780 in Reformed Church, Claverack, Columbia, New York); Elizabeth (b: 11 May 1782, c: 19 May 1782 in Reformed Church, Linlithgo, Livingston, Columbia, New York); George (b: 5 Sep 1784, c: 12 Sep 1784 in Reformed Church, West Copake, Columbia, New York); Catharina (b: 30 Jul 1787, c: 2 Sep 1787 in West Sand Lake, Rensselaer, New York) and Peter Klapper (b: Abt 1791 in , Dutchess, New York). Marritje died abt 1832 in Bethlehem, Albany, New York.
  • WILHELM (WILLIAM) HAUSE, born 24 Feb 1750/51 to parents Johannes Haas and wife Sarah. sp: David Roeter and Anna Huett (New York City Lutheran Chbk). Source: Even More Palatine Families, by Henry Z. Jones, Jr., FASG and Lewis Bunker Rohrbach, CG, 2002. He fought in Gilbert Cooper's Militia and Ann Hawkes Hay's Regiment in the Revolution. William married Martha Wood and had 14 kids, listed later.
  • RYNERT (RINARD) HAUSE, born 15 Oct 1754. Christening: 3 Dec 1754 Reformed Church, Clarkstown, Rockland, New York. Sponsors were Rynert Hous and Elizabeth Hous. Parents listed as Johannes Hous and Sara Wiler. Rynert married Catharina Schneider and they had a daughter, Maria Hause, b. 10 Nov 1785 in Claverack, Columbia co. Maria's christening was at the Reformed Church of Claverack (sp. George Klapper and Maria Stalkp; Parents listed as Rinard Haus and Catharina Schneider). Maria married Nicholas Klapper (1787-1860), the son of aunt Margaretha Haus-Klapper (1749 Ð 1833). These Haus and Klapper families moved to Onondaga, New York, where Rinard died on 3 Sep 1828.
  • JOHANNES HAUSE, born 31 Dec 1757; Bapt. Date: 16 Jan 1757; Parents: Johannes Hous; Sara Miller. Source: Baptisms at Clarkstown; Clarkstown: 1749-1853. Location: Town of Orangetown, Rockland County—Denomination: Reformed. "Johannes Huis Jr." married Christina Whitbeek on 3 Oct 1780 at the Reformed Church, Linlithgo, Livingston, Columbia, New York (click on image, at right). They had the following children: Sarah (b: 13 Sep 1781 c: 11 Oct 1781 in Reformed Church, Linlithgo, Livingston, Columbia, New York); and John Haus (b: 21 Dec 1782, c: 1783 in Reformed Church, Linlithgo, Livingston, Columbia, New York).
  • VOLKGE HAUSE, baptized 17 Jun 1760. St. Thomas' Lutheran Church, Churchtown, Claverack, Columbia, New York; Sponsors were Johannes Eberts and Annatge. Parents listed as Hannes van Huse and Sara. Source: Baptismal Records of St. Thomas Lutheran Church, Churchtown, Claverack, Columbia Co, NY, 1760-1899, Transcribed by Arthur M. Kelly.
  • EPHRAIM HAUSE, baptized in 1766 (Parents: Johannes Hauss and Sara Wieler; Sponsor: Ephraim Wieler; Anna Cathrina Koen). Source: Baptism Record Linlithgo Reformed Church: Livingston Linlithgo Reformed Church 1722-1889. (SOURCE: Dutch Reformed Church Records from New York and New Jersey. Holland Society of New York, New York, New York)
  • EPHRAIM HAUSE, born on 24 Dec 1767, was baptized in 1768 (Parents: Johannes Haus and wife Sara. Sponsor: Wilm Schneider, & wife Barbara.) Baptism Record of Churchtown, Columbia, New York. (SOURCE: Dutch Reformed Church Records from New York and New Jersey. Holland Society of New York, New York, New York)
  • ELISABETH HAUSE (b 30 Sep 1769) was baptized in 1769 (Parents listed as Johannes Haus and Sera). Sponsor: Nickel Wihler and Maria. Baptism Record of Churchtown, Columbia, New York. (SOURCE: Dutch Reformed Church Records from New York and New Jersey. Holland Society of New York, New York, New York).
  • Wheeler arms from (left to right) Kent, Warwickshire, Salop and Ossory.

    ¹—Based on the Dutch Patronomic naming system where you name the first children almost exclusively after the grandparents, and then after other relatives, we see that Josina and Evert cover both fathers with the first birth, her mother with the second, his mother with either the 3rd or 5th birth (Bridget or Mary), his older brother, his older brother and grandfather, her brother, him, her sister, and then other people.

    ²—Minutes of the Commissioners for detecting and defeating Cospiracies in the state of New York, Albany County Sessions, 1778-1781, 1909. 1) On 1 Sept 1778 a Peter Wheeler, a Mary Wheeler and others were recommitted. 2) on 22 Sep 1778, Nicholas Wheeler appeared before the board and offered to become Security for Peter Wheeler a Prisoner now confined in Goal and it having appeared to us that the said Peter Wheeler is at this Time sick, it is therefore ordered that the said Peter be released from Confinement on the said Nicholas Wheeler's entering into Recognizance for the Appearance of the said Peter Wheeler when called for and his future good behavior - Nicholas Wheeler of the Manor of Livingstion Farmer Bail for Peter Wheeler in L (pounds) 100. 3) On 8 Oct 1778. It being suggested to the Board by the Goaler that Mary Wheeler the wife of Jurie Wheeler (who are both in close Confinement) is very sick and the said Jurie Wheeler having requested the Board that himself and his Wife might be released from Confinement on finding a sufficient Security Ordered that they be discharged in the said Jurie Wheeler's entering into a Recognizance to remain within the Limits of this City and appear once a Day before us - Jurie Wheeler - L (pounds) 200. 4) 3 Nov 1778 - Jurie Wheeler L (pounds) 100. 5) 1 Sep 1780 - Nicholas Wheeler - L (pounds) 100. 6) Christian Smith, soldier, advised commision that Jurie Wheeler advised him to go to New York and then enlist in the Enemies Service.

    ³—In "New Brunswick Loyalists A Bicentennial Tribute" by Sharon Dubeau 1983, it was stated that George WHEELER from Dutchess Co, NY had 2 sons serving in the British forces, he rec'd a townlot at Parrtown in 1784, but settled at Oromocto, Sunbury Co. He died there leaving his widow Polly and 10 children: Nicholas; Reinhard and Elizbeth and Catherine of Gagetown; Edward and Mary of Maugerville. Three sons and one daughter remained in the US.

    ⁴—One of the two original cemeteries in East Camp, now known as Germantown. The First Lutheran Church was located on Route 9G slightly north of Sharps landing. The First Reformed Church was located on Sharps landing near Route 9G. Both cemeteries have since been plowed under and the stones are missing, but four stones were found when Route 9G was widened in 1931. Road Workers Unearth Tomb Stones, Bones, Germantown, Aug. 30, 1931: "The past revealed itself again on Saturday afternoon, when workmen engaged in the construction of the new State highway north of the village unearthed a skeleton and four tomb stones. Evidently, the stones had been buried for some time, but despite this fact were in good condition, having been shielded from storms and weather conditions for possibly half a century, The workmen were cutting an embankment on property the state had purchased from Warren L and Lyle P Fingar for the new highway. It was revealed that nearly fifty years ago the late James Fingar had removed the tomb stones from what was then the first Lutheran cemetery containing the bodies of many of the first settlers. It was also revealed that the first Lutheran church was near the spot of the unearthing of the stones. After removing the stones by means of oxen, it has been learned that Fingar used the stones in the foundation of a building, which many years ago was removed. It is believed that the stones were then buried at the spot where they have been unearthed by the excavators or there is a possiblility that a body may have been removed from the cemetery to the place where the skeleton was found. Several bones were found, but authorities do not believe that all are from a human body, as a femur found is believed to be that of an animal. A pelvis and vertebrae with several broken ribs attached may possibly be that of a human. The inscription of the stones showed them to be the remains of the pioneers. One inscription, very plainly visible, read as follows: "To the memory of James Carroll, who departed this life on October 11,1767, being 42 years of age." This stone was very crude, the top being broken and of a dark material. A second stone was of a mother, with a message to her children as follows: "Grieve not for me my children dear, I am above without care, As I am now, soon you must be. Prepare for death and follow me." This stone was mutilated and the name of the mother had been broken off. A third stone bore the following inscription: "Sebastian Lasher, died June 25, 180--(the last figure being chipped off.) Aged 76 years." A fourth stone bore an inscription: Maria, wife of George C Lasher. Died March 10, 1804, aged 25 years and 3 months... (The full inscription is with her memorial.)This stone is in a wonderful state of preservation, though very roughly cut at the base. The inscription reveals a message of the character of the deceased. The stones, as well as the bones, now lay near the spot where they were uneathed, awaiting idsposition by someone who has taken up the task where they left off. Several people were at the scene on Sunday viewing the revelation of time in its flight. The location of two of the stones is known. The stone for James Carroll is now stored by the Historical Society at the parsonage. And the stone for Sebastian Lasher has been built into a chimney."

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    EVERT/EDWARD WHEELER (born abt 1665) married JOSYNTJE JANSE GARDENIER (born @ 1665) and begat...

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