Hause Family Tree

  • Name: Jeffrey Carleton HAUSE
  • Surname: Hause / House / Hawes / Haws / Haas / Haus / Hauss / Hauß
  • Given Name: Jeffrey Carleton
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 07 June 1961, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Baptism: 1961, at Zion Lutheran Church Chelsea, MI
  • NOTES: Don't be fooled by the bad mullet haircut and dorky outfit worn in the photo at right—this guy is incredibly handsome, talented, gifted (and, coincidentally, the author of this bio). Jeff studied to be an animator at California State University, Long Beach (in California), but quit when he sold the screenplay to the movie Once Bitten in 1984. He started attending college again in 1989, but was forced to quit once more, in order to work for Rodney Dangerfield—proving that smart people can't work in the entertainment business. Jeff was then employed to work as a jokewriter over the years for people like Jay Leno, Rush Limbaugh and Gabe Kaplan—some of whom can still find work. (See his full work bio, below.) But here's the really important stuff:

    Hause & Hines
    ...has written professionally (in a very amateur fashion) at film studios like Warner Brothers, Disney, Universal, Columbia, Magnolia and Interscope; and for producers such as Ivan Reitman, Samuel Goldwyn Jr., and Ray Stark. These film projects were written in collaboration with David Hines [Jeff (left) and Dave (less left) are pictured at right].

    Jeff has also written for comics and entertainers such as Jim Carrey, Rodney Dangerfield, Gabe Kaplan, Rush Limbaugh (sorry), Rick Dees, and Jay Leno [The first joke Jeff ever sold to Leno].

    Jeff is also co-owner (with the afore-mentioned Conover) of Comedy On Tap, which featured a newsletter that provided topical humor to 500,000 outraged, offended subscribers every weekday. After AOL decided that allowing newsletters with advertising to pass through their systems without getting a cut of the profits wasn't something they liked, they demanded that everybody re-subscribe—twice—and that we furnish them proof of it for each of the subscribers. (They did this under the auspices of cutting spam advertising.) Rodney and Jeff had no desire to deal with all the paperwork and headache, and shut down the newsletter, thereafter writing humor for clients privately. Then AOL stuck pop-up advertising everywhere on their site—even on their mail browsers. "Spam crusaders." Go figure....

    Jeff also is partnered with Conover and film producer Rich Hull (She's All That) in, a news/entertainment site where celebrities in film, TV and athletics give their views on sports and entertainment. Its bi-weekly newsletter reached over 400,000 readers... until AOL decided their newsletters were spam, too. Thanks AOL. Sorry to hear you're about to go out of business.

    Oh yeah—Jeff has also worked as a cartoonist and illustrator, [See a review of Jeff's cartoon work by legendary cartoonist R. Crumb].

    Jeff was married to Lori Ann Dotson in March of 2007. Unlike Jeff, her writing actually gets published.

    Pirate Camp Pirate Camp
    Holiday Baggage (2010) - Creative Consultant. Director: Stephen Polk. Cast: Cheryl Ladd, Barry Bostwick. Baggage/Providence Productions. Premiered on the Lifetime Network on 12/12/10.

    Dolemite (2009) - Movie screenplay, w/David Hines. Based on the works of Rudy Ray Moore. Warren Zide, Producer. Flipzide Studios.

    Exorcist Squad (2008) - Original movie screenplay, w/David Hines
    Bill Fishman, David M. Goodman, Producers. Cast: Charlie Murphy, Wayne Brady. Fallout Films.

    Pirate Camp (2008) - Co-Producer, Creative Consultant, w/David Hines. Will Blume, executive producer. Stephen Polk, Chris Aronoff, Jesse Lawler, producers. Scott G. Sanders, associate producer. Directed by Michael Kastenbaum. Antibody Films; Providence Productions.

    CT and Sasha
    The bleary-eyed author with Christine Taylor and his niece, Sasha Larsen, on the set of DBNS at 3:00 a.m.
    BachelorMan (2004) - Writer, Co-Producer, w/David Hines and Rodney Lee Conover. Director: John Putch. Magnolia Films/Magnet DVD. (Rent or Buy at

    Paranormal (2002) - Original movie screenplay, w/David Hines.
    Brian Gilbert, Bill Fishman, Producers. Stan Winston Productions.

    Father Figure (2001) - Original movie screenplay, w/David Hines. Tom Engelman, Producer. Radar Pictures. Interscope Communications, Inc.

    Comedy On Tap, Inc. (1996-2012) - Internet entertainment service. Co-president w/Rodney Lee Conover (1999-2010) - Internet entertainment service. Co-president w/Rodney Lee Conover & Rich Hull.

    Desperate But Not Serious (aka Reckless & Wild) (1999) - Creative Consultant, w/David Hines and Rodney Lee Conover. Elie Samaha, Producer. Franchise Films. (Comedy On Tap, Review; Buy the DVD here.)

    Jay Leno
    To read the first joke that Jeff sold to The Tonight Show, click on Jay Leno.
    Exorcist Squad (1999) - Original movie screenplay, w/David Hines. Bill Melton, Barry Sonenfeld, Producers. Sonenfeld/Josephson Prod.

    Soul Searching - (1998) Original movie screenplay w/David Hines. Lawrence Turman, Producer. The Turman-Morrissey Company.

    EFN Media - (1997-98) Political Commentary and satire - Syndicated.

    Sony Worldwide Networks (1995-97) - Producer; Entertainment and Comedy News Services.

    Father Figure (1995) - Original movie screenplay, w/David Hines. Dave Madden, Craig Zadan, Kevin Moreton, Producers. Storyline Productions/Interscope Communications.

    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1994-95) - Monologue. To read Jeff's first joke on the show, click on the image of Jay Leno, at right.

    Rick Dees in the Morning (1994) - KIIS FM Morning Show, Los Angeles.

    Tales from the Cryptkeeper: "A Little Body Work" (1993) - Animated teleplay, w/David Hines. Based on the comic story Death Wagon from "The Crypt Of Terror." Richard Donner/Joel Silver Prods., Nelvana Ent. ABC TV. (Watch on Amazon Instant Video.)

    Rodney Dangerfield
    Portrait of Rodney Dangerfield, painted by Jeff in 1990.
    Gabe Kaplan's Sportsnuts (1993) - Radio show, KLAC, Burbank.

    Exchange Student (1992) - Movie screenplay, w/David Hines. Based on a script by John Swartzwelder. Ivan Reitman Productions. Universal Pictures.

    Miracle Season (1991) - Original movie screenplay, w/David Hines. Touchstone Pictures, Walt Disney, Inc.

    A Dream Come True (1990) - Movie screenplay, w/David Hines. From a story by Rodney Dangerfield. Tom Lassally, Producer. Warner Brothers.

    Pygmalion 1990 (1989) - Movie screenplay, w/David Hines. Based on Pygmalion, by George Bernard Shaw. Rastar Productions, Columbia Pictures.

    Nuclear Reactions (1989) - Original movie screenplay, w/David Hines. Rastar Productions, Columbia Pictures.

    Right Hand Men (1987) - Original movie screenplay, w/David Hines. Bud Yorkin Productions.

    The Devil and Danny Wells (1987) - Original teleplay, w/David Hines. Disney Sunday Movie, Walt Disney Television.

    For Better or Worse (1986) - Original movie screenplay, w/David Hines. New Star Entertainment.

    Once Bitten (1985) - Original movie screenplay, w/David Hines. The Samuel Goldwyn Company. (Article in the San Diego Union; review in the Los Angeles Times; panned by USA Today; Buy Blu-Ray here; Buy DVD here.)

    Kentucky Fried Chicken (1978) - Fired after three weeks.

    Representation: David Warden (The Warden Group) 323-852-1028
    8840 Wilshire Blvd. 1st Floor, Beverly Hills CA 90212 (e-mail here)

    VIDEO: Jeffrey Carleton Hause, running, punching, and avoiding the swimming pool.

    VIDEO: Jeff Hause grows to adulthood... sort of (click on image).

    • Baptism
    • Wins Academy Award for his work on...okay, there's no link for this. I made it up. I mean, come on—did you really look for a link to click on? Are you insane? Have you even READ the rest of my writing here? Blech...