The name "Ward" is Irish in origin. But the surname was first county Galway where they held a family seat from ancient times. The ancient Gaelic form of the Irish name was "Mac an Bhaird," which means "son of the bard." The Coat of Arms features a blue shield with three gold crowns.
   Our branch of the family begins with JAMES LEMILL (or LEMUEL) WARD (nicknamed "Jeems") was born on 25 Mar 1758 in Agusta or Giles Co., Virginia. (His daughter Sarah's death record list her parents as being born in Giles, Virginia.) The ancestry of James is extremely confusing. Many list his father as WILLIAM WARD was born in 1725, in Inishowen Peninsula, County Dunegal, Ireland. He immigrated to the American colonies in 1730, arriving in Philadelphia at the age of five, with parents, siblings, his grandfather, and uncle. In 1758, he was in the Augusta County, Virginia, militia, with brothers Joseph and James Jr., as well as his father and uncle. He also lived in South Carolina for a time, according to land warrants. Between 1756 and 1757, he was a Sgt. in Ranger Company 4. In 1779, he participated in the Committee of Peace, in Botetourt Co, VA. He married ELIZABETH THOMPSON (born about 1731 in Ireland) and supposedly had "Jeems"... except until this: William died on 15 Aug 1795 in Lexington, Fayette Co. (Harrison), Kentucky, and this petition was filed a few decades later:


12 March 1830 Petition for sale of land of WILLIAM WARD: In a petition for the sale of lands belong to WILLIAM WARD who died in Harrison Co, KY intestate leaving neither wife, nor child, nor children. William Ward came from Greenbrier County, Virginia and left the following brothers and sisters: JOHN, JOSEPH, ISAAC, JAMES,and BENJAMIN, SUSAN who married JOHN CARTMEL, POLLY who married WILLIAM THOMPSON, ELIZABETH who married JOHN JAMESON, and REBECCA who married SAMUEL JAMESON. All of the brothers and sisters except SUSAN CARTMEL were dead as was her husband. JOSEPH WARD, brother of the said WILLIAN WARD, left the following children to wit: JOHN, GEORGE, WILLIAM, ANDREW, JOSEPH, JAMES, the petitioner CHARLES, BENJAMIN WARD, NANCY & REBECCA WARD. (Harrison County, Kentucky Box 38, 383 NO 11746.)

    So was William Ward not our ancestor? Another possibility is NATHAN WARD,¹ who was christened on 12 Feb 1713 according to records in Saint Barnabas Church, Queen Anne Parish, Prince Georges, Maryland. Nathan was believed to be the son of James and Susanna Ward. Nathan married a woman named MARGARET (b. 1713) according to the Queen Anne Parish Records, in Prince George's Co., Maryland. Nathan died on 14 Mar 1803 Grayson County, Virginia, and was probably buried in family cemetery on the his farm, although no stone has ever been found. His will was probated in March of 1803 and names his wife and children: William, Wells, Nathan and Enoch... again, no Jeems! So who was the real father of James Ward? Fortunately the science of genetics has given us an answer: Nathan.²
   Anyway, back to "Jeems." His Ward family, such as it was, is described in an excerpt from EARLY FAMILIES OF EASTERN AND SOUTHEASTERN KENTUCKY by Kozee: "Ward of Johnson County" This branch of the family came to valley soon after the first settlement on Sandy. James Ward was the pioneer of the family. He settled on Rockhouse Creek, then Floyd, Martin and Johnson Counties. The family is one of the most numerous in Eastern Kentucky. They have all along been noted for quiet dispositions and good citizenship. The pioneers were noted hunters, having all along been trained in Indian warfare. Among them have been preachers, professional men and public officials. In religion, they were generally Baptists; in politics Democrats. A notable characteristic was the naming of their children after ancestors. Of "Jim" (James) Wards there have been a large number and in order to distinguish them they were given nicknames. Hence, there were "Bigfoot," "Nine Toes," "White Head," "Bit Nose," "Jimper," "Little Jim," "Jim's Jim," Etc.
   In 1776, Montgomery County, Virginia, was formed taking in the old county of Fincastle. The Ward family continued living on Coal (Cole) Creek, but now in the new county. 1776 also marked the beginning of the Revolutionary War in Southwest Virginia and the Ward family joined their neighbor Enoch Osborn's Company of Montgomery County Militia. James Ward served as a private and was listed as present of the rolls for 1777, 2 April 1783 and 1785. His brother Wells Ward was included on the 1783 and 1785 rosters while Nathan Ward was listed in 1783 and 1785. (Note: This was probably Nathan Ward, Junior, since Nathan Ward, Senior. would have been 72 years old in 1785). (New River Notes, by Jeff Weaver, "Revolutionary War Soldiers—Upper New River Valley") Also in Captain Enoch Osborn's Company was Solomon Osborn. James Ward married Sarah Osborn, Solomon's daughter, about 1770. As a member of Capt. Enoch Osborn's Company, James Ward and his family members took part in the Battle of King's Mountain on 7 October 1780. This American victory turned the tide against the British in the South and led to the eventual withdrawal of the British from the frontier.
   James Lemill Ward founded the town of Louisa, Lawrence County, Kentucky, then moved into Floyd County in about 1803, finally settling in Rockhouse Creek with his wife SARAH "SALLY" OSBURN (OSBOURNE) of Giles County, Virginia. They had the following children:


  • SOLOMON WARD was born in 1775 in Russell Co., VA. Listed as a Pioneer of Floyd, Kentucky in Pioneer Families of Eastern and Southeastern Ky by William Kozee. He married Susannah Oney (b: Abt 1780 in Russell, Virginia) on 7 Feb 1792 in Abingdon, Washington, Virginia. They had the following children: James " Whitehead" (b: 1796); Mary (b: 1796); William Brenton (b: 1799); Hezekiah (b: 1803); Jonathan (b: 1805); Solomon (b: 1807); Hiram "Highty" (b: 1810); Shadrack (b: 1813); Nancy (b: 1815); Sarah Ann (b: 17 Apr 1820). Solomon died on 3 Sep 1859 in Cherokee, Lawrence, Kentucky.
  • ABIGAIL "ABBY" WARD was born between 1775 and 1777. No further information.
  • JAMES WARD, Jr. was born in 1785 in Russell Co., VA. He married Elizabeth "Betsey" Williamson (b: 16 Jul 1794 in Mingo, Virginia) on 9 Oct 1810 in Prestonsburg, Floyd, Kentucky. They had the following children: Sarah (b: 1811); Alafair (b: Aft 1813); Elizabeth "Betsey" (b: 20 May 1815); James (b: 1817); Wells Sr. (b: 1818); Margaret "Peggy" (b: 1821); Solomon (b: 31 Mar 1823); Nathaniel (b: 1824); George Washington (b: Apr 1827); Margania (b: 1831); Emanuel (b: 1838). James died on 15 Jul 1848 in Louisa, Lawrence, Kentucky.
  • SHADRACH WARD was born in 1786 in Russell Co., Virginia. He was a Corporal during the War of 1812. Shadrach married Levina Hylton (b: 1792 in , Madison, Kentucky) on 11 Nov 1810 in Floyd, Kentucky. Children Sarah Sally (b: 1812), Judah (b: 25 Feb 1816 ), James Apperson (b: 29 Mar 1817), Jesse (b: 1820), John H. (b: 1824), Exer (b: 16 Nov 1825), William Jefferson (b: Feb 1828), Lavinia (b: 1836). Shadrach died on 1 Aug 1853 in Johnson County, Kentucky. He is buried at the Old Ward Cemetery in Offutt, Johnson County, Kentucky. See his gravestone by clicking on the image at right.
  • SARAH WARD b: 1790 in Russell Co., VA. She married John Chapman (b: Abt 1770) in @ 1810. They had the following children: William, Sallie, Nancy, John Jr., Fanny, James, George, Thedrick, Lurena, and Lydia Chapman. Sarah died on 5 Aug 1876 in Martin, Kentucky.
  • MARY POLLY WARD was born about 1792 in Kentucky; She married Alden Williamson (b: 1785 in Russell, Virginia) on 29 Oct 1812 in Floyd, Kentucky. Children: James, Sarah, William, Asa, Jackson, Konez, Elizabeth, John, Stephen (b: 1829 in Lawrence, Kentucky).
  • WILLIAM BENTON WARD was born in 1792 in Floyd Co., or Russell, Virginia. he married ELIZABETH MEEK (b: 1803 in Floyd, Kentucky) on 11 Jan 1816 in Floyd, Kentucky. Death: 1855 in Johnson, Kentucky. Family listed below. He is buried at the Old Ward Cemetery in Offutt, Johnson County, Kentucky.
  • Personal Information
    1850 Census Image
    Name: William Ward
    Age: 58
    Birthplace: Virginia
    Home in 1850:

    Not Stated, Johnson, Kentucky

    Estimated Birth Year: 1792
    Read/Write No
    Occupation: Farmer
    Property Value: $700
    Roll: M432_208
    Page: 89
    Image: 179
    Year: 1850
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    SOURCE INFORMATION: 1850 United States Federal Census. M432, 1009 rolls. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington DC.
       WILLIAM BENTON WARD was only about 13 years of age when the migration from Russell County, Virginia took place. The first direct record of William in Kentucky is his marriage bond, recorded in the Floyd County Court Clerk's office to marry ELIZABETH MEEK (b: 1804 in Kentucky), daughter of JAMES MEEK and JUDITH HYLTON. The marriage was performed 11 January 1816, by Samuel Hanna who indicated "mg" for minister of the gospel, but indicated no denomination. William and Elizabeth Meek Ward made their home some where on the river in a location near the present community of River or Offutt, Kentucky. Using census figures to calculate their dates of birth, William Ward was born in virginia ca 1792 and died in Johnson County before 1860, as Elizabeth appears as a widow on the census for that year. Elizabeth was born ca 1804 in Kentucky and appears last on the 1870 census.
       William and Elizabeth had the following children:


  • JAMES "BIGFOOT" WARD was born in Jan 1818 in Kentucky. He married SUSAN IRENA LYON (b: 1817 in North Carolina to JESSE LYON and ANNE FRANCES HOLBROOK). Death: Bef 1900 in Kentucky. Family listed below.
  • WILLIAM WARD was born in Jan 1820 in Kentucky. He married Lucinda Lyons (b: Abt 1821 in Kentucky) on 25 Sep 1841. Children: Sarah (b: Dec 1844 in Johnson, Kentucky); Celina (b: Abt 1847 in Johnson, Kentucky); Levina (b: Abt 1847 in Johnson, Kentucky); John (b: 27 Mar 1852 in Johnson, Kentucky); Frances "Fanny" (b: 1853 in Johnson, Kentucky); Jesse Corbin (b: Jul 1854 in Johnson, Kentucky); Colby (b: 19 Mar 1858 in Johnson, Kentucky); Marshall (b: Abt 1862 in Kentucky); and William (b: Abt 1866). William died before 1920 in Johnson, Kentucky.
  • SUSAN WARD was born in 1824 in Kentucky; She married Thomas Jefferson Price in 1845. Children: Christopher C. (b: 23 Dec 1855 in Johnson, Kentucky); Thomas (b: 1856 in Johnson, Kentucky); Angeline (b: 3 Sep 1858); and Benjamin Franklin (b: 3 Sep 1858). Susan dieb abt 1869 in Kentucky.
  • STEPHEN WARD was born in 1825 in Kentucky. He married Mary Polly Lyon (b: Abt 1826) on 7 Oct 1846 in Lawrence, Kentucky. Children: Jannora, James , Francis Marion, Jenkins, Jesse (b: May 1847 in Kentucky), William (b: Abt 1848 in Kentucky), John (b: May 1850 in Johnson, Kentucky), and Exer (b: Aft 1868). Death: Bef 1920.
  • ALI WARD b: 1827 in Kentucky. No further information.
  • SHADRACK WARD was born in 1829 in Kentucky. He married Nancy "Hettie" Daniel (b: Abt 1830 in Kentucky). Children: Lulu (b: Abt 1850 in Johnson, Kentucky); Milton (b: 1854 in Johnson, Kentucky); Elizabeth (b: 5 Jan 1856 in Johnson, Kentucky); Polly (b: 5 Jul 1856 in Johnson, Kentucky); Asbury (b: 3 Mar 1859 in Johnson, Kentucky); L. Beauregard (b: 1862 in Johnson, Kentucky); General T. (b: Abt 1863); Sarah Frances (b: 1866 in Johnson, Kentucky); Greenville (b: May 1868 in Johnson, Kentucky); Alvena (b: Apr 1873 in Johnson, Kentucky); and Talitha (b: 8 Apr 1874 in Johnson, Kentucky). Shadrack died before 1899 in Kentucky.
  • SOLOMON WARD was born in 1831 in Inez, Martin, Kentucky. He married Lucretia Porter (b: Abt 1828 in Floyd, Kentucky); Marriage 2: Mahala Jane Porter (b: 1835 in Kentucky) on 18 Dec 1849 in Johnson, Kentucky. Children: Benjamin b: 23 Jan 1854 in Johnson, Kentucky; Ali b: 19 Mar 1857 in Inez, Martin, Kentucky; Malissa b: 14 Sep 1859 in Johnson, Kentucky; Stonewall Jackson b: 1862 in Paintsville, Johnson, Kentucky; Twinan T. b: 1865; and Harmon b: 1867. Death: 22 Sep 1878 in Floyd, Kentucky.
  • ANDREW JACKSON WARD was born on 10 Apr 1836. He died on 31 Mar 1928 in Oil Springs, Johnson, Kentucky, USA.
  • JOHN M. WARD was born in 1832 in River, Floyd, Kentucky. He married Pauline Perlina Meek (b: Abt 1835 in Ward City, Floyd, Kentucky). Children: William Anderson (b: 1 Oct 1863 in Johnson, Kentucky); Trinvilla (b: Abt 1864); and Sallie (b: Abt 1866). Death: 1912 in Johnson, Kentucky.
  • MARTELIA "DICY" WARD was born in 1833 in Floyd, Kentucky. She married Ransom Lyons (b: Abt 1818) on 14 Oct 1852 in Lawrence, Kentucky. They had the following children: Angelina (b: 2 Oct 1853 in Lawrence, Kentucky); Martelda b: Abt 1854; Aradila (b: 19 Jan 1855 in Blaine, Lawrence, Kentucky); Melissa (b: 1857 in Lawrence, Kentucky); William J. (b: 1860 in Lawrence, Kentucky); and Elizabeth (b: 3 Nov 1860 in Big Blaine, Lawrence, Kentucky, d. 1949). She died in 1862 in Lawrence Co., Kentucky.
  • JONATHAN WARD was born in 1836 in Floyd, Kentucky. He married Pricey Williamson (b: Abt 1834 in Lawrence, Kentucky) on 26 Dec 1860 in Lawrence, Kentucky. Children: John B.; Mary Elizabeth; Paulene; Moses Clay; Minnie Mae; Adolphus; Elbert; Louvina; Florence Belle (b: 9 Oct 1861 in Kentucky); Thomas B. (b: 9 Nov 1861 in Johnson, Kentucky); and James Paris (b: 16 Apr 1863 in Kentucky). Death: 3 Jan 1920.
  • ELIZABETH WARD b: 1839 in Kentucky; Married Ace "Long Acre" Williamson (b: Abt 1839 in Kentucky) in Jul 1865. Children: John Williamson.
  • ANGELINE "ANGIE" WARD was born in 1841. She married Harman Harris (b: 1833). Children: Ida Harris (b: 1869).
  • Personal Information
    1870 Census Image
    Name:   James Ward
    Age in 1870:   53
    Birth Year:   1817
    Birthplace:   Kentucky
    Home in 1870:   Toms Creek, Johnson, Kentucky
    Land/Personal property:   $2000/400
    Post Office:   Paintsville
    Occupation:   Farmer
    Read:   No
    Write:   No
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    SOURCE INFORMATION: 1870 United States Federal Census. M593, 1,761 rolls. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington DC.
       JAMES "BIGFOOT" WARD was born sometime in January of 1818, in Kentucky. According to the 1870 census, he never learned to read or write, but he lived on a prosperous farm in Toms Creek, Johnson County (the same census shows its value at $2000, with $400 in personal property, as well), until his death, sometime before 1900, in Kentucky. In that census, his mother, Elizabeth, lives next door to the farm at age 70, "keeping house," while his brother Stephen lives on the other side of the property, in a $600 farm. Obviously, this was a tightly-knit family which kept strong alliances and watched out for its own. In 1880, he had moved the family to Greasy, Johnson County, Kentucky, and it covers two census pages, as his farm sits next to the farm of his son Ransom.
       Bigfoot married SUSAN IRENA LYONS (b: 1817 in North Carolina) and they had the following children:

    The Ward Family in the early 1900's: Standing in back is James "Bigfoot" Ward; in front of Bigfoot, left to right: Mary Harris Ward, her husband Elliott, Henry B., Ransom, Elizabeth Meade Ward, Joseph C., Cora and Paris. The baby on the lap of Elizabeth is Grace Ward (photo courtesy of Anna Lyons Bower).


  • ALAFAIR WARD was born in 1843 in Johnson, Kentucky. She married William H. Gambill (24 Oct 1840 - 01 Jul 1885) on 1 Sep 1866 in Johnson, Kentucky. Children: Nathan b: 1868 in Johnson, Kentucky; Mary E. b: Abt 1871 in Johnson, Kentucky; Marinda b: Abt 1873; John C. b: 1875 in Johnson, Kentucky; James M. b: 30 Apr 1877 in Johnson, Kentucky; and Sally b: Feb 1881 in Johnson, Kentucky.Death: 1938 in Johnson, Kentucky. She is buried at Ward Cemetary, along the Banjo Branch stream in River, Johnson, Kentucky.
  • MARY POLLY WARD was born in Apr 1846 in Johnson County, Kentucky. She married a man named Porter, but in the 1900 census she was living with sister Elizabeth Ward Welch and her husband John Welch in Magisterial District 2, Johnson, Kentucky. Mary died in 1940. She is buried in Ward Cemetary, along the Banjo Branch stream in River, Johnson, Kentucky.
  • ELIZABETH WARD was born in Feb 1847 in Johnson, Kentucky; She married John C. "Cap" Welch (b: Apr 1847 in Kentucky) on 22 Sep 1870 in Johnson, Kentucky. He was a riverboat captain. They had a daughter named Iuka Welch (8 July 1879 - 1981 in New York). Elizabeth died in 1947, in Huntington West Virginia. She is buried in Ward Cemetary, along the Banjo Branch in River, Johnson, Kentucky.
  • RANSOM WARD was born on 5 May 1848 in Johnson, Kentucky. He married ELIZABETH JANE MEADE (b: Jul 1859 in Johnson, Kentucky) in 1877, in Johnson, Kentucky. Death: 1920 in Johnson, Kentucky (Burial: Ward Cemetary, Banjo Branch, River, Johnson, Kentucky). Family listed below.
  • See a photo of Ransom Ward, Alifair (Ward) Gambill, Mary (Polly) Ward Porter, Seated: Elizabeth (Ward) Welch and husband Capt. John C. Welch here.
  • ELLIOT WARD was born on 25 Feb 1852 in , Johnson, Kentucky; Death: Aft 1886. Married Julia VanHoose (b: Oct 1851 in Johnson, Kentucky) on 9 Dec 1882 in Johnson, Kentucky. Children: Forrest b: Mar 1881; Buna b: Abt 1888 in Johnson, Kentucky. Marriage 2: Rosilla Meek.
  • MARINDA WARD was born on 21 May 1854 in Johnson, Kentucky; Married James Spears (b: Abt 1856 in Johnson, Kentucky) on 3 May 1876 in Johnson, Kentucky. Children: Stella b: Abt 1876; Samuel b: 2 Dec 1878; Myrtle b: 17 Nov 1880 in Johnson, Kentucky; Nora b: Nov 1882 in Johnson, Kentucky; and Grover b: Oct 1887.
  • SARAH "SALLY" WARD was born on 25 Oct 1856 in Johnson, Kentucky; Married Cornelius Wilson (b: 9 Aug 1853 in Johnson, Kentucky) on 13 Jan 1885 in Johnson, Kentucky. Children: Kentucky Cornelius b: 1888 in Martin, Kentucky. Death: 1897 in Johnson, Kentucky.
  • Personal Information
    Census Image
    Name: Ransome Ward
    Age in 1900: 51
    Birthplace: Kentucky
    Home in 1900: Magisterial District 2, Johnson, Kentucky
    Occupation: Farmer
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    Blank 1900 census form
    Source Citation: Year: 1900; Census Place: Magisterial District 2, Johnson, Kentucky; Roll: T623 534; Page: 25A; Enumeration District: 39.
       RANSOM WARD was born on 5 May 1848 in Johnson, Kentucky. He lived and worked on his father Bigfoot's $2000 farm in Toms Creek, Johnson County, Kentucky (according to the 1870 census; Census Place: Toms Creek, Johnson, Kentucky; Roll: M593_477; Page: 199; Image: 399) until his mid-to-late twenties, then married ELIZABETH JANE MEADE (b: Jul 1859 in Johnson, Kentucky to HENRY P. and ELIZABETH MEADE; d. 3 Feb 1933) in 1877, in Johnson County, Kentucky. They lived in Johnson County until Ransom died in 1920 (Burial: Ward Cemetary, Banjo Branch, Johnson, Kentucky).
       Ransom and Elizabeth had the following children:


  • ELLIOTT B. WARD was born on 8 Jul 1878 in Johnson, Kentucky. He married Mary Harris (1876 - 1956) on 13 Jul 1899 in Floyd, Kentucky. They had the following children: Lula (1901 - 1949); Forest (1903 - 1961); Ernest (1906 - 1978); Curtis (b: 1910); Georgia Mae (1913 - 1986); and Virginia Marie (1915 - 1996) in Johnson, Kentucky. Elliot died on 10 Jul 1918 in Johnson, Kentucky.
  • CARL WARD was born on 14 Mar 1880 in Johnson, Kentucky. He married Wilda Machabee in Cincinnatti, Ohio. Death: 25 Oct 1942 in Johnson, Kentucky (Burial: Oct 1942 Ward Cemetary, Banjo Branch, Johnson, Kentucky).
  • Carl and Wilda with family: 1st row: Carl Ward, Elizabeth Meade Ward, Grace Dexter Ward Hanks. 2nd row: Bess McCarty Ward wife of Henry B. Ward, Henry Ward, Wilda Machabee.
  • PARIS WARD was born on 21 Nov 1881 in Johnson, Kentucky. He married HATTIE PRESTON, and they had a son, Walter, in 1903. But Hattie died from consumption in 1906. Paris then married MAUDIE PRESTON (b: 5 May 1887) on 29 May 1907 in River, Johnson, Kentucky. Paris died on 3 Sep 1952 in Banjo Branch, Johnson, Kentucky (Burial: Ward Cemetary, Banjo Branch, Johnson, Kentucky). Family listed below.
  • See Paris and Maudie here.
  • CORA WARD was born on 5 Jan 1887 in Johnson, Kentucky. She married Ulysses Compton (1876 - 1932) in Johnson County in 1915. They had the following children: Vivian Garnett (b. 1917); and Russell Edward (b. 1919). Cora was the postmistress at Offutt Kentucky. (See her in 1914, carrying a bag of mail to put on the train here.) She died on 21 Jul 1985 in Catlettsburg, Boyd, Kentucky. She's buried in the River Church Cemetery in Johnson County.
  • See Cora (Ward) Compton and her cousin Sally (Gambill) Perry here.
  • HENRY B. WARD was born on Aug 1888 in Johnson, Kentucky. Married Bess McCarty @ 1911. Occupation: Railroad Employee (Railroad symbol on headstone). Death: 5 March 1927 in Banjo Branch, Johnson, Kentucky (Burial: Ward Cemetary, Banjo Branch, Johnson, Kentucky).
  • JOSEPH C. WARD was born in Aug 1891 in Johnson, Kentucky. He married Gynelle Thompson (b. 1903) and they moved to Ashland, Boyd, Kentucky, where they had Claude Prichard (b. 1919) and Pauline Dexter Ward (b. 1922). Joseph died on 10 Feb. 1962 in Boyd Co., Kentucky.
  • GRACE DEXTER WARD was born on 27 Oct 1900 in Johnson, Kentucky. She married Henry Zergler (b. 1891), and in the 1920 census they live in Ashland Ward 1, Boyd, Kentucky. She then married Seldon Hanks (9 Mar 1887 - 5 Jan 1950) on 19 Sep 1936. Grace died on 30 Sep 1956 in Boyd County, Kentucky.
  • See a very faded portrait here.
  • Personal Information
    Census Image
    Name:   Paris Ward
    Age:   35
    Birthplace:   Kentucky
    Home in 1920:   Whitehouse, Johnson, Kentucky
    Occupation:   --
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    Personal Information
    Census Image
    Name:   Paris Ward
    Age:   48
    Birthplace:   Kentucky
    Home in 1930:   District 6 Johnson, Kentucky
    Occupation:   Coal mine engineer
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    View blank 1930 census form
    SOURCE INFORMATION: US Census Records. Index created from United States of America, Bureau of the Census. 1920;Census Place: Whitehouse, Johnson, Kentucky; Roll: T625_583; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 33; Image: 163. 1930; Census Place: District 6, Johnson, Kentucky; Roll: 761; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 14; Image: 439.0.

    Personal Information
    WWI Draft Card
    Name: Paris Ward
    Status: Natural born citizen
    Occupation: Miner
    View file
    SOURCE INFORMATION: National Archives and Records Administration. World War I Selective Service System Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918. M1509, 20,243 rolls. Washington, D.C.
       PARIS WARD was born on 21 Nov 1881 in Johnson, Kentucky. He had black hair, blue eyes, and his World War One registration card says he was missing a leg.
       With his mobility obviously limited, Paris became a cole mining engineer for the Royal Collieries Company of Offutt, five miles below Paintsville, and also farmed his own land to make ends meet.
       On 18 Dec 1901, 20 year-old Paris was married to HATTIE PRESTON (b. October 13, 1883 in Lawrence County) in Johnson County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of ATCHISON PRESTON and CHARLOTTE PACK. He built her a fine 2-story house in River, and they prepared for a new life together. Soon a son was born:


  • WALTER WARD was born about 1902 in Kentucky. In 1922 he married Marie E Heinzmann (b. 1904) of Connecticutt, and they had the following children: Harriett Emma (Fine, 1924-2004), Anne (1926-2002), Walter (b. 1934), Robert (b. 1939) and Frederick Ward (b. 1940).
  •    Sadly, Hattie died on July 31, 1906. Paris' daughter, Alma Ward Price, later recalled that Paris said she died of "consumption" (tuberculosis). Hattie's buried in the Ward-Gambill Cemetery, located Across Big Sandy River from River Church House in River, Johnson County, Kentucky (as are Paris and his father, Ransom).
       Paris must have liked the surname "Preston," because he then married MAUDIE PRESTON on May 28, 1907 in River, Johnson County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of FRANCIS PRESTON and LAVINA STAMBAUGH, born May 05, 1887. sold the house to his brother Elliott and built another for Maudie.² They had the following children:


  • THELMA WARD was born on 11 Jul 1908 in Offutt, Kentucky. She married JOHN BALDRIDGE. Family listed below. PORTLAND, NY -- Thelma Baldridge, 73, of Pecor Street, Portland, died unexpectedly Thursday at Westfield Memorial hospital. Mrs. Baldridge was born in Offutt, Ky. on July 11, 1908, the daughter of the late Paris and Maudy (Preston) Ward. She had been a resident of Portland since 1946 and was a member of the Ark of the Safety Holiness Church of God in Jesus Name of Mill Street, Brocton. (JAMESTOWN POST JOURNAL 4/29/1982)
  • See her with great granddaughter Lori Ann Dotson here.
  • ALMA WARD b: 19 May 1910. She married Clark Price (28 Feb 1904 - 8 Sep 1983). FLOYD COUNTY — Alma Price, 92, of Offutt, died Saturday, March 8, at Paul B. Hall Regional Medical Center, Paintsville. Born May 19, 1910, in Offutt, she was a daughter of the late Paris and Maude Preston Ward. She was a member of River United Baptist Church. She was preceded in death by her husband, Clark Price. Survivors include five sons, Frank Hamilton Price of Parkersburg, W.Va., Henry Harold Price and Eddie Ray Price, both of Offutt, Claude Darrell Price of Collins, Ohio, and William Russell Price of Boons Camp; two daughters, Joan Bostic of South Lyon, Mich., and Edyth Faye Craddlock of Offutt; a brother, Roy Ward of Offutt; and two sisters, Joann Fannin of Ashland and Lizzie Dotson of Phelps. Funeral services were Monday, March 10, at Preston Funeral Home Chapel, Paintsville, with Rev. J. M. Scott officiating. Burial was in Ward Cemetery, Offutt, under direction of Preston Funeral Home. (Big Sandy News, Friday, 3-21-2003).
  • RALPH WARD was born on 1 Sep 1911 in Johnson, Kentucky. He married Opal Daniel (1913 - 2004) and they had the following children: Jack Wendal Ward (1931 - 1931); Doris (b. 1931); Lewis (b. 1935); Ronald (b. 1937); Philip Randol (1939 - 1984); Catl Henry (b. 1941); Roger Lee (1943 - 1992); Ernestine (b. 1945); Troy Marion (1947 - 1983); Sarah (b. 1949); Janice (b. 1950); Ralph Edward (b. 1952) and Jeffrey (b. 1957). Ralph died on 12 Nov 1981, in River, Johnson, Kentucky, and he's buried in the Ward Cemetery. His obituary in the Paintsville Herald, Nov 18, 1981: "He was a resident of River. He is survived by his wife, Opal Daniel Ward; 8 sons, Roger and Phillip Ward of River, Lewis Ward of Morningview, KY, Ronald Ward of Columbus, OH, Carl and Troy Ward of Rochester, NH, Ralph Ward, Jr. of Londonderry, NH and Jeffrey Ward of Barnett's Creek; 4 daughters, Doris Francis of Freeburn, KY, Tina Collins of Raleigh, NC, and Janice Hubbard of Billerica, MA; 26 grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren. Survivors also include three brothers, Fred Ward of Crumpler, WV, Roy and Carl Ward of River; 6 sisters, Thelma Baldridge of Brocton, NY, Alma Price, Margie Lyons and Lavinna Ward all of River, Elizabeth Dotson of Phelps, KY and Joann Fannin of Ashland, Burial in family cemetery at River."
  • FRED E. WARD was born on 13 Jul 1913 in Johnson County, KY; He married Mable Walters (1914 - 1987) on 22 Jul 1935 and they had Freddie (1937 - 1956); Johnny (1939 - 2007); Betty Ann (b. 1944); Ronnie Jay (1946 - 1991); Thomas (b. 1947); James Allen (b. 1949); Nancy Louise (b. 1952); and Virginia Sue (b. 1955). Fred died on 20 Jul 1991 in Johnson, KY.
  • ROY WARD was born on 14 Dec 1914 in Johnson County, Kentucky. He married Myrtle Mae Vance (01 May - 11 May 2004) in Johnson County on 8 Jul 1950 and they had the following children: Don Carlos (b. 29 Apr 1952); Ruth Ann (b. 28 Dec 1954); and Jerry Lee (b. 14 Mar 1958). Myrtle died on 11 May 2004 in Paintsville, Johnson County, and is buried in River, KY. Obituary: "Roy Ward, age 92, died Saturday March 24, 2012. He was born December 14, 1919, to the late Paris and Maudie Preston Ward. Roy was a coal miner with Eastern Coal Co. and he served his country in the United States Army. Along with his parents he is preceded in death by his wife Myrtle Vance Ward. He is survived by two sons, Don Ward of Staffordsville, Jerry Ward of Thelma, one daughter, Ruth Ann Miles of River, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be 11 a.m. Tuesday at the Preston Funeral Home Chapel, with Gordon Ward and Tove Wheeler officiating. Burial will follow in the Ward Family Cemetery at River. Visitation will be from 6 to 9 p.m. Monday, March 26, 2012, at the funeral home."
  • MARGIE WARD was born on 20 Jun 1915. She married Bert Lyons on October 18, 1934. They had a daughter, Anna Lyons Bower, who donated many of the photographs on this page. Obituary: "River resident Margie Lyons, 83, died Sunday, August 30, 1998 at Paul B. Hall Regional Mediacl Center. Mrs. Lyons was born on June 20, 1915, in Johnsons County, to the late Paris and Maudie Preston Ward. She was a member of United Baptist Church at River. She was also preceded in death by her husband, Bert Lyons, in 1993; and one son Roy Mitchell Lyons in 1956. Surviving are four sons, James Robert Lyons of Paintsville and Dennis Ray, Charles Arthur and Lanny Keith Lyons, all of River; two daughters, Alberta Buckley of Toledo, Ohio and Anna Bower of Indianapolis, Indiana; one brother Roy Ward of River; three sisters, Alma Price of River, Elizabeth Dotson of Phelps and Joann Fannin of Ashland; and 11 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held Tuesday, September 1, at Jones-Preston Funeral Home Chapel, with John Sparks officiating. Burial was in the Ward Family Cemetery at River."
  • ELIZABETH WARD was born on 08 Nov 1916. She married Warren Dotson (1921 - 1975) on 31 May 1940, and they had the following children: Charles (b. 1901); Sara Kaye (b. 1843); Stanley (1845 - 1945); Warren Randolph (b. 1946); Jerry (b. 1948); Norma Jean (b. 1950); and Terry Neil (b. 1955). Elizabeth died on 19 Aug 2003 in Phelps, Kentucky.
  • See Margie and Elizabeth Ward here.
  • See a childhood photo of Elizabeth, Roy and Margie Ward here.
  • CARL WARD was born on 21 Nov 1921 in Johnson County, Kentucky; He married Sarah Jane Preston (1923 - 21 Apr 1996) and they had Larry Gene (1943 - 1995); Linda Lee (b. 1945); Garry Dean (b. 1947); Gordon (b. 1950); Carl David (1958 - 1985); and Jeanene Ward (b. 1959). Carl died on 29 Mar 1985 in River, Johnson, Kentucky, and is buried at the River Church Cemetery.
  • See Bert Lyons, Carl Ward and wife Sarah Jane Preston Ward at the Ward family reunion in River, KY in 1975.
  • LAVINA WARD was born on 27 Jun 1924; She married George Ward (19 Jul 1922 - 27 Sep 2004), son of George Ward (Nov 1887 - 25 Jun 1984) and his wife, Ann. Lavina and George had a daughter, Lois (b. 1949). Lavina died on 09 Jul 1997.
  • LORETTA/LOURITTA "JOANN" WARD was born on 14 Dec 1926. She married Earnest Fannin (b. 1927)on 27 Oct 1945, and they had Kenneth (b. 1946) and Faye (b. 1947). She died on 11 May 2007 in Boyd County, Kentucky. Her obituary in the Ashland Daily Independent: "Loretta Fannin, 80, of Ashland, KY, died Friday, May 11, 2007, in Bryant Health Care Center in Ironton, OH. Mrs. Fannin was born Dec. 14, 1926, in Paintsville, KY, a daughter of the late Paris Ward and Maudie Preston Ward. She was a retired clerk at Myers Rexall Pharmacy and a member of River Baptist Church in Paintsville. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by a son, Kenneth Ray Fannin. Mrs. Fannin is survived by her husband, Ernest Ray Fannin; a daughter, Faye Lyons of Flatwoods, KY; seven grandchildren; four great grandchildren; and a brother, Roy Ward of River, KY. Funeral services will be at 11 a.m. Tuesday, May 15, 2007, at Lazear Funeral Home in Ashland. Burial will be in Golden Oaks Memorial Gardens. Friends may call after 10 a.m. Tuesday at the funeral home."
  • ALICE VIVIAN WARD was born on 25 Oct. 1929 in Johnson, KY. She married MARION LYLE CLICK (25 Nov 1928 - 01 Nov 1990) and they had Debra (b. 24 Mar 1957) , Robert Lee (b. 06 Dec 1954) and Stephen Lyle Click (b. 03 Jul 1951) . She died on 20 May 1981 in Boyd County, Kentucky, and is buried at Golden Oak's Cemetery.

  • Paris and Maudie Preston Ward and six of their children. Carl, Lavinia, Elizabeth, Roy, Joann and Alice Vivian.
       Paris Ward, 70, passed away suddenly, September 3, 1952, at his home at River, the victim of a heart attack. He had been a resident of River his entire life and was well-known throughout this section. Mr. Ward was born November 21, 1881, a son of the late Ransom Ward. On May 28, 1907, he was married to Miss Maudie Preston who survives him. He was a member of the United Baptist Church. Surviving are five sons and seven daughters, Walter Ward, Portsmouth, Rhode Island; Ralph Ward, Goldia, Ky., Fred E. Ward, Maitland, W.Va., Roy Ward, Evanston, KY., Carl Ward, River, KY., Mrs. Thelma Baldridge, Portland, New York; Mrs. Alma Price, McVeight, KY., Mrs. Margie Lyons, River, KY., Mrs. Elizabeth Dotson, Phelps, Ky., Mrs. Louvinia Ward, Mrs. JoAnn Fannin and Mrs. Alice Vivian Click, all of Ashland, KY. Also surviving are two sisters and one brother, Mrs. Cora Compton, Catlettsburg, and Mr. Joe C. Ward, Ashland. Funeral services were held Friday, September 5, at two o’clock at the Ward home by Reverend C.J. Sparks and Reverend German Walters. Interment was made in the family cemetery under the direction of the Preston Funeral Home. Paintsvile Herald, Thursday September 11, 1952. (Maudie died on November 17, 1968 in Fayette Co., Kentucky.)

    LEFT TO RIGHT: Elizabeth Ward and descendants in 1920's, at the home of Carl and Wilda Machabee Ward in Huntington West Virginia (L-R: Carl, Elizabeth, Grace, Wilda, Bess McCarty Ward, Henry Ward); Paris and Maudie Preston Ward; Elizabeth (Ward) Dotson, Margie (Ward) Lyons, cousin Virginia (Ward) Kendrick, Aunt Cora (Ward) Compton and Vivian (Compton) Workman with guitar.


    Thelma Ward
       Their daughter THELMA WARD was the eldest of the twelve children, and often told stories of living through the Depression. Grandson Terry Dotson remembers: “Granny told me a story of how one Christmas, their ‘pa’ loaded them up  and took them all into town to the company store—a rare outing! They were told they would be getting a big Christmas present when they all got home. Granny said she was awfully disappointed to find out that the present waiting at home was that ‘ma’ had had another young'un—since granny, being the oldest, had to tend to the younger ones. She added, though, that her little sister was a real joy—and probably better than any old toy would have been...” Eventually Thelma got old enough to marry JOHN BALDRIDGE (22 Jun 1902 - Jan 1970) in Offutt, Kentucky, and had some young'uns of their own. They worked as farm hands and traveled, finally ending up in Portland, New York in 1946, where they raised the following children:


  • GRACE D. BALDRIDGE was born on 11 Jul 1924 in Johnson, Kentucky. She married BUSTER FIELDS (1923-2006) and lived in Phelps, Kentucky. She died on 22 Sep 2012. Obituary: "Grace Fields, 88, of Freeburn, died Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012, at Pikeville Medical Center. She was born July 11, 1924, in Offutt, the daughter of the late John and Thelma Ward Baldridge. She was a homemaker, of the Apostolic faith for 69 years, and recently a member of the Cornerstone Apostolic Church at Jamboree. Besides her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband of 62 years, Buster Fields; an infant daughter, Joy Fields, two brothers, Johnny Baldridge and Paris Baldridge, and two sisters, Jacqulene Dotson and Garnet Honaker. She is survived by four children, Nelson Fields (Joan) of Freeburn, Joan Dotson (Eddie) and Brenda Wolford (Larry), both of Phelps, and Thelma Hurley (Eugene) of Hurley, WV., one brother, Can Martin Baldridge of Brocton, NY., one sister, Margaret Yarbert of Jamestown, NY., ten grandchildren, Missy Fields, Anita Maynard, Krystal Fannin, Laurie Ann Wolford, Nykole Cosmo, Brent Gross, Adam Gross, Dana Bevins, Selena Young and Bryan Hurley, 18 great-grandchildren, Alexandria Smith, Trent Maynard, Kaitlyn Justice, Sutter Niblick, Mykah Fannin, Sydney Fannin, Peyton Gross, Nicholas Cosmo, Elizabeth Gross, Michael Cosmo, Angel Gross, Chloe Cosmo, Melody Gross, Emily Gross, Cody Bevins, Ethan Young, Dylan Young and Emma Hurley, and two great-great-grandchildren, Claire Rogers and Cloey Bevins. Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday, September 25, 2012, in the R.S. Jones & Son Funeral Home Chapel, with the Rev. Richard McKinney officiating. Burial will follow in Mountain View Memory Gardens, Huddy. Pallbearers are: Trent Maynard, Sutter Niblick, Adam Gross, Brent Gross, Pete Maynard, Mike Fannin and Gary Cosmo. Honorary pallbearers are: Payton Gross, Nicholas Cole Cosmo and Michael Larry Cosmo. Arrangements are under direction of R.S. Jones & Son Funeral Home of Phelps."
  • JACQULENE BALDRIDGE was born 13 Mar 1926 in Offutt, Kentucky. She married GREEN JR. DOTSON. Jacqulene Dotson, 77, of Pecor St., formerly of Phelps, Ky., died Tuesday in Westfield Memorial Hospital. She was born March 13, 1926, in Offuct, Ky., the daughter of John and Thelma Ward Baldbridge Sr. She is survived by four sons: Ronnie Dotson of Portland, Green Jr. and Michael Dotson, both of Westfield, and Terry Dotson of Bullhead City, Ariz.; three daughters: Sandra Bentley of Phelps, Nancy Reamy of Zephryhills, Fla., and Gracie Bane of Fredonia; 18 grandchildren; 24 great-grandchildren; and three great-great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband, Green Dotson Sr., whom she married in 1943, and who died in 1957; a great-granddaughter; a brother, John Baldridge; and a sister, Garnet Honaker. She died 09 Dec 2003 at Westfield Memorial Hospital in New York.
  • GARNET BALDRIDGE was born Aug. 19, 1929, in Offutt, Ky., the daughter of John and Thelma Ward Baldridge. She married ROBERT HONAKER and they had six daughters: Mary Louise Kennedy of West Palm Beach, Fla., Kay Gnadzinski of Fredonia, Brenda Johnson of Jamestown, Patricia Lynch of Texas, Carol Sue Meyers of Utica, N.Y., and Elizabeth ''Libby'' Jessie of Dunkirk; a son, Robert Honaker of Dunkirk; 29 grandchildren; 34 great-grandchildren; four great-great-grandchildren. She lived on West Main Street, formerly of Pecor Street, Portland. Robert Honaker died in 1981 (1983 here), and she followed him on Thursday (Dec. 5, 2002) in Westfield Memorial Hospital. She is buried at the Evergreen Cemetery in Portland, New York, ae 73 lot D 26.
  • PARIS BALDRIDGE was born on 17 May 1932 in Offutt, Kentucky; He died on 20 Aug 2009 in Jamestown, Chautauqua, New York. Obituary: "Paris J. Baldridge of the Lutheran Retirement Home of Jamestown, NY and formerly of Portland, passed away at WCA Hospital in Jamestown, NY on August 20, 2009. Paris was born May 17, 1932 to the late John and Thelma (Ward) Baldridge in Offutt, KY. He is survived by two sisters Gracie (Baldridge) Fields of Freeburn, KY and Margaret (Baldridge) Yarber of Jamestown, NY; one brother, Can Baldridge of Fredonia, NY; two sisters-in-law Eileen (Kelley) Baldridge of Brocton, NY and Cindy Baldridge of Sinclairville, NY; and several nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews. He was predeceased by his parents; a brother, John (2000) and his two sisters, Garnet (Baldridge) Honaker (2002) and Jacqueline (Baldridge) Dotson (2003). Paris was a real joy to all who knew him and will be greatly missed."
  • MARGARET A. BALDRIDGE was born on 10 Feb 1938 in Pike Co., Kentucky. She married DONALD R. YARBER and lives in Brocton, NY. Margaret Alice Yarber, 77, of Heritage Green Nursing Home in Greenhurst, N.Y., passed away late Saturday evening, Aug. 29, 2015, at Hamot Hospital in Erie, Pa. Her loving family was by her side. Margaret was born Feb. 10, 1938, in Offutt, Ky., and was the daughter of the late John and Thelma (Ward) Baldridge. She was formerly of Brocton, N.Y., and lived in this area most of her life. Margaret made her life as a homemaker for her family, tending lovingly to all their needs. To know Margaret was to be blessed. For those lucky enough to call her family, they were blessed beyond measure. Margaret was the most loving mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, aunt and friend anyone could hope for. She was a bright light in this world, full of optimism and endless wisdom. Margaret could never be described in any simple words because she surpassed the definition of them all. To be loved by her was to know true, unselfish love. Margaret, in essence, was love. Her talents were many, her enemies were none, her convictions were strong and she was the epitome of a life lived authentically. She was an extremely talented artist, making quilts, costumes and other items, a very creative woman who was gifted in creating all kinds of individual designs, repeating none. Margaret lived by the Bible all her life. She is survived by two sons: Donald (Judy) Yarber of Jamestown, N.Y., and Chris (Tammy) Yarber of Jamestown, N.Y.; one brother, Can Baldridge of Dunkirk, N.Y.; several grandchildren and great-grandchildren also survive. She was predeceased by two brothers: Paris Baldridge and John Baldridge; and three sisters: Gracie Fields, Garnet Honaker and Jacqueline Dotson. There will be no visitation. The funeral service will be held at the convenience of the family. Funeral arrangements are being provided by the Morse Funeral Home of Brocton, N.Y. (Jamestown Post-Journal, 31 Aug 2015)
  • CAN MARTIN BALDRIDGE was born on 26 May 1944 in Pike Co., Kentucky. He married EILEEN KELLEY and has three children: John Edwin Benjamin Baldridge, Shannon Patrick Baldridge, and Kimberly Baldridge (b. 1980).
  • JOHN BALDRIDGE, JR. was born March 9, 1947 in Dunkirk. He attended Brocton schools and graduated from Cassadaga Valley Central School. He was self-employed and owned and operated John Baldridge contracting for 20 years. He married Cindy Briggs (18 Sep 1956 - 19 Aug 2016) on June 9, 1985, and they had the following children: John Baldridge III of West Palm, Fla.; three daughters: Dawn Greenlee and Andrea Carlson, both of Jamestown, and Amy Smith of Bensalem, Pa.; four grandchildren: Andrew and Luke Greenlee and Adrianna Carlson, all of Jamestown and Ryanne Smith of Bensalem. He lived on Hall Road, Cassadaga, and died May 14, 2000 at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He was buried in Charlotte Center Cemetery.

    ¹—"By 1771, Nathan Ward, father of James, moved his family along with the Blevins, Cox and Osborn families even farther into the frontier of western Virginia into Botetourt County. In that year, Nathan, now aged 58, and his son James Ward were listed as privates in Captain William Herbert’s Company of Boutetourt County Militia along with John Cox, William Cox and Robert, Enoch and Johnathan Osborn." (Wythe County, Virginia Historical Review #13, "Captain William Herbert" by Mary B. Kegley). Although most of the men in the company were Quakers, the Wards were not and continued to serve in Herbert's and Captain John Montgomery’s companies of militia until the end of Lord Dunmore's War in 1774. By that time Fincastle County had been created from Botetourt County and Nathan, Wells, James and Zachariah Ward were serving in the Fincastle Militia and fought against the Indians at the Battle of Point Pleasant on October 10, 1774. Also in the company were Enoch, Ephraim, Jonathan, Robert and Stephen Osborn along with Daniel, William and James Blevins. (Henderson, Archibald, The Conquest of the Old Southwest, Century Company, New York, 1920).

    ²—John Britton Wells III: "I am the grandson of Jennie Ward who married my grandfather, John Britton Wells, Sr., on October 10, 1902, in Johnson County, Kentucky. Jennie was the daughter of William Jefferson Ward, the granddaughter of Shadrach Ward and the great granddaughter of James 'Lemuel' Ward. James 'Lemuel' Ward settled in Floyd (now Johnson) County, Kentucky, in the first years of the 19th century and died there about 1808 at his home on 'Old House Branch' in the modern community of Offutt. His wife was Sarah Osborn(e), the daughter of Solomon Osborn(e). (Note that I use the middle name of 'Lemuel' with quotation marks because there is no proof that my ancestor James Ward had that middle name other than a single reference in C. Mitchel Hall's Johnson County, Kentucky: A History of the County and Genealogy of Its People Up to the Year 1927, published in 1928. I will use the name in this article only to distinguish him from several contemporaries with the same first name.)"
       "For generations, little has been discovered about the identity of James 'Lemuel' Ward. The difficulty arises from the fact that there were several, apparently unrelated men by the name of James Ward who settled in Southwest Virginia during the last half of the 18th century. There have been attempts to connect James 'Lemuel' Ward to the David Ward family of Russell County, Virginia, but no documentation of such a connection has been offered. A birthdate of 1758 has also been attributed to James 'Lemuel' Ward, but this date is actually for a different man by the same name who was born in Fincastle County, Virginia, and died in Lawrence County, Kentucky, in 1848. The other man's birthdate is proved by a statement in his Revolutionary War pension application (Pension #W1105). The fact that there was another James Ward living so close to James 'Lemuel' Ward has resulted in several genealogical errors. Because of the recent development of sophisticated Y-DNA testing as described above, the descendants of James 'Lemuel' Ward have been able to solve the mystery of our origin with complete scientific accuracy, something that the available historical documentation has been unable to do. My male second cousin, also a direct descendant of William Jefferson Ward, Shadrach Ward and James 'Lemuel' Ward, submitted to a Y-DNA test through Family Tree DNA (www.ftdna.com). His results are an exact match for the descendants of Nathan Ward who was born in Prince George's County, Maryland, in 1713. Surprisingly, the Y-DNA results also appear to prove that this Nathan Ward was the illegitimate son of a man named George Wells, also from Prince George's County! The Y-DNA results for James 'Lemuel' Ward are published in two Family Tree DNA group projects, one for the Wells family (Wells Y-DNA project [W006] descendants of Thomas Wells, born 1653 England) and the other for the Ward family (Ward Y-DNA Project [Ward Subgroup #17] descendants of Nathan Ward, born 1713 Maryland). They are perfect and/or near perfect matches for each other. The results as of 11 July 2016 are shown below:

    Jeremiah C. Wells b.1792 son of Zachariah WellsG-M201
    William Albert Wells b.1865 Peoria, IL, d.1924 IowaG-M201
    Zachariah Wells b.1739, d.1825 VA G-M201>G-M286
    Robert Joseph Wells b.1856 Dane Co., WSG-M201
    James Wells b.1685, d.1771 Baltimore, MDG-M201>G-M286
    John Boyd Wells b.c.1771 MD, d.1844G-M201>G-M286
    Joseph Wells b. 18 Feb 1768 PAG-M201
    Jonathan Bickey Wells b.c.1836 Wise Co., VA--
    Basil Duke Wells b.c.1808 KYG-M201>G-M286
    Thomas Wells b.c.1653 EnglandG-M201
    Robert Wells b.c.1799 GA--
    Nathan Ward b.c.1761 VAG-M201
    Columbus Frank Ward b.1877 Ashe Co., NC, d.1963 WVG-M201
    James "Lemuel" Ward d.c.1808 Floyd (now Johnson Co.), KYG-M201>G-M286
    Nathan Ward b.1713 Prince George's County, MDG-M201
    Nathan Ward m. Ann Williams 1809, Grayson Co., VAG-M201
    William Ward b.1826 VA, d. aft. 1900G-M201>G-M286
    NOTE: Haplogroups define historical and genetic ethnic groups and can be used to trace very early origins of families. G-M201>G-M286 are all from the same haplogroup. G-M286 is a more detailed generational mutation of G-M201. These mutations are results of more extensive individual Y-DNA testing.

       "Both the Wells W006 group and the Ward Subgroup #17 exhibit exactly the same Y-DNA results which means that both families must share a single common male ancestor. The Ward Subgroup #17, which includes James 'Lemuel' Ward, traces their 'Ward' ancestry to Nathan Ward who lived in Southwest Virginia, but was born on 12 February 1713 in Prince George's County, Maryland. His birth is recorded in the Saint Barnabas (Anglican) Church register in Queen Anne Parish. His parents' names are given as James and Susanna Ward.
       "The Saint Barnabas Church record is perplexing in that the Y-DNA results show clearly that Nathan Ward was also the direct male descendant of Thomas 'Wells,' born about 1653 in England. A further examination of the Saint Barnabas Church registers and Prince George's County deeds coupled with the Y-DNA results provide the solution to the Ward family 'mystery' that has remained hidden for over two hundred years.
       "The listed parents of Nathan Ward, James and Susanna Ward, are found in a Prince George's County deed dated 10 December 1714 in which 'James Ward of Prince George's County 'planter' and Susannah his wife lately called Susannah Swanson of the one part [sell to] George Wells of the afsd county 'planter' ... land called 'Swanson (Swansea) Lott' in Prince George's County' (Prince George's County, MD Deed Book E, pages 331-332). George Wells, born c. 1685, was not only a neighbor of James and Susanna Ward, but he was also the son of Thomas Wells, born 1653 in England, the same Thomas Wells who appears in the Y-DNA group as a genetic match for Nathan Ward. It appears that James Ward either left his wife or died before 30 March 1719. On that date the vestry of Queen Anne Parish 'ordered that the clerk summon George Wells and Susanna Ward to attend the vestry on Sunday the 12th April after the sermon touching their living lewdly and uncontinently together.' (Queen Anne Vestry Minutes, Prince George's County, Maryland, page 60). Page 61 of the Vestry Minutes records that on '12 April 1719 then appeared George Wells and Susanna Ward and were admonished by the vestry not to cohabit together nor frequent each others company.' Apparently, the scandalous behavior of George Wells and Susannah Ward had been going on for some time and was common knowledge. When Thomas Wells, Jr., the father of George, died his will dated 26 September 1718 provided land for his wife Francis and all of his children except George to whom he left a paltry 5 Shillings (Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 14, page 724).
       "The fate of James Ward is unknown, but George Wells finally married Susanna Ward on 16 June 1725 (Queen Anne Parish Register). Either James Ward was dead by that date or he had been declared officially to have abandoned his wife, allowing her to remarry in the church."
    (The above information from "THE STORY OF THE WARD FAMILY OF JOHNSON COUNTY, KENTUCKY" by John Britton Wells III in Highland Echo, Volume 36, Number 132, 2016; a Publication of the Johnson County Historical & Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 788, Paintsville, Kentucky 41240)

    The Old Ghost House in 2011.
    ³—Paris's granddaughter Anna Lyons Bower recalls: "This old house was built by my grandfather in 1902 for his first wife Hattie (Preston) Ward. Hattie died about 1906. Grandpa sold the house to his brother Elliott and built another for his second wife Maudie (my grandma). This old (now) abandoned house is known to my family as 'The Old Ghost House.' The stories that were passed down thru the years would scare you half to death. Different generations of Wards always lived in the old ghost house, it was finally abandoned about twenty years ago. When I was young I loved the scary stories that the family would tell about things that happened in that old house. I am sure, the stories would grow with each storyteller. I must have done a good job retelling the stories. My 21 yr. old granddaughter was so excited to see this old ghost house and take this picture. Her Great Uncle Lanny went with her to take the picture. She was truly convinced that I was too scared to go near the house. The real truth was............I am not scared of the old Ward Ghost House but seeing a SNAKE in those tall weeds would have made ME the newest ghost story for that old house!"


    JAMES LEMILL WARD (b. 25 Mar 1758) married SARAH "SALLY" OSBURN (OSBOURNE) and begat...

    WILLIAM WARD (b. 1792), who married ELIZABETH MEEK (b. 1804) and begat...

    JAMES "BIGFOOT" WARD (b. Jan 1818) who married SUSAN IRENA LYONS (b: 1817) and begat...

    RANSOM WARD (b. 5 May 1848), who married ELIZABETH JANE MEADE (b: Jul 1859) and begat...

    PARIS WARD (b. 21 Nov 1881), who married MAUDIE PRESTON (b: 5 May 1887) and begat...

    THELMA WARD (b. 11 Jul 1908), who married JOHN BALDRIDGE and begat...

    JACQULENE BALDRIDGE (1926-2003), who married GREEN JR. DOTSON (1921-1957) and begat...

    TERRY LEE DOTSON (b. 12 May 1950), who married CYNTHIA ANN PALMER (b. 03 Jan 1951) and begat...

    LORI ANN DOTSON (b. 07 Oct 1973), who married JEFFREY HAUSE (b. 07 Jun 1961).


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    • Top Photo: Giles, VA.