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"Once Bitten" came out in November of 1985, was destroyed by critics and quickly disappeared from view... but 30 years later there are tribute pages, fan forums, and even a site selling throw pillows and hoodies. Do you know who won the Best Picture Oscar for 1985? "Out of Africa." You know how many "Out of Africa" throw pillows are for sale on the Internet? NONE. Looks like you made the wrong film choice, Meryl Streep!

  • Mental Floss—I'm interviewed for "8 Blood-Sucking Facts About 'Once Bitten.'"
  • Jo Blo's Awfully Good Movies: "Join host Jesse Shade as he transports you back in time when we used cassette tapes, shoulder pads, and beat vampires with dance offs. It's an '80's extravaganza!"
  • Costume/Makeup Continuity Script: I was outbid on eBay by these bastards, and they re-sold it... for $150 less than I bid on eBay! Nice business model, film nerd! (Hey, whoever bought it, if you're out there reading this: CONTACT ME! I'd much rather pay you than Jeff Albertson the Comic Book Guy.)
  • Refrigerator Magnets of the "Once Bitten" poster. If you're on a diet, looking at this is a great way to lose your appetite before you can open the door to the fridge.
  • CineSchlock-O-Rama: Long-time supporters of the film. They even give my story here a few plugs.
  • Jim Carrey's Best Lines: Take that, Ace Ventura.

  • Fast Rewind page—a cool eighties page.
  • Worst Movies of All Time—much funnier than the film.
  • Our one good contemporary review from Kevin Thomas of the LA Times. He even kept his job in spite of it!
  • Karen Kopins Sells Her Mansion To Anderson Cooper. Looks like she did the best after "Once Bitten" of all of us...
  • Signed OST Album by Carrey and Hutton. Still available, thirty years later!!!
  • Jim Carrey Quote from the '99 Golden Globes. Relax, Jim. It's not a real award. I'll trade you your Golden Globe for my Best Screenplay Trophy from the Oxford International Film Festival. I'll even throw my San Diego Film Festival trophy, my ARPA, and a "Once Bitten" hoodie...
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