LINKS TO RELATED SITES "BachelorMan" Page. My favorite review: "0 STARS: I cant review it I never got the movie. I was sent a terrible movie called bachelor party which was offensive. 0 stars i didn't even watch that one. I'd like it if you would send me bachelor man. Deana DIPRINZIO (" Thank you for giving us "0" stars for another film you watched. Consider becoming a critic professionally.

iTunes "BachelorMan" Page. Favorite review "Gay;)" by T-Dawg. T-Dawg, meet Deana; Deana, meet T-Dawg. I'm sure you will be very happy together.

PutchFilms "BachelorMan" Page. No bad reviews, because he's the director.

"BachelorMan" Page for Keith J. Duggan, cinematographer.

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New York Times Overview.

Barnes & Noble "BachelorMan" Page.

Long Island Press Review: "Along with cleverly written comedic dialogue, there are plenty of sight gags that will have you rolling with laughter. DVD extras include fake commercials that are definitely worth a look, as well as the outtakes."

Turner Classic Movies Page: Just anticipating that it will be, I guess.

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First Scene in Portuguese.

"BachelorMan" in Slovakia.

"BachelorMan" in Russia.

Popcorn Time Free Movie.Because in the end, I just want you to watch the damn thing...


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