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Palm Beach International Film Festival (voted Audience Favorite):
Logo; Main; Official site; Palm Beach Poster; Sun-Sentinal Review; David DeLuise Wire Image page; John Putch Wire Image page; Highlights; Audience Favorite (Variety - Adobe Acrobat file); Variety Print version; Venice Magazine.

Fort Myers Film Festival (voted Director's Choice and Audience Award):
Logo; Hollywood Reporter ad; Putch's Poster; Putch photos; Charles Hester's Fort Myers photos; Peoples Choice; Naples News coverage; Rodney Lee Interview; Misspelled ticket.

Cannes International Film Festival
Cannes banner ( 2, 3 ); Cannes Poster mock-up ( 2, 3 )

REVelation Perth International Film Festival - Australia
Official Page

Waterfront International Film Festival - Michigan
Official Page

Dahlonega International Film Festival (voted Audience Favorite and Best Actor)

'Dances With Films' Independent Film Festival - Santa Monica (voted Audience Favorite)
Official Page; Promo Card

Melbourne International Film Festival - Australia
Official Page

Chicago Indiefest (voted Best Picture and Best Actor)
Rodney Lee interview

Austin International Film Festival
Celebrity Review; Dave West

San Diego Film Festival (voted Best Screenplay)
Official Page; Michelle Hause Photos

Oxford International Film Festival (voted Best Screenplay)

David Deluise Blooper Reel

ARPA International Film Festival (Voted Audience Favorite and Best Screenplay)
Putch Photos; Daily Celeb Photos; Celebrity Photos; Audience Award Video; Festival Awards Clip

Valley Fest: Best Feature
Annapolis Film Festival: Best Feature
ARPA: Audience Award (Favorite Feature); Best Screenplay (Rodney Lee Conover, Jeff Hause & Dave Hines)
Chicago Indiefest: Best Feature; Best Actor (David DeLuise)
Dahlonega International Film Festival: Audience Award (Favorite Feature); Best Actor (David DeLuise)
Dances With Films: Audience Award (Favorite Feature)
Fort Myers International Film Festival: Best Feature; Audience Award (Feature)
Lake Arrowhead Film Festival: Judge's Award - Best Comedy Feature
Palm Beach International Film Festival: Audience Award (Favorite Feature)
San Diego Film Festival: Best Screenplay (Conover, Hause & Hines)
Show Me Film Festival (MO): Jury Award – Best Feature; Best Director (Putch)
Sunscreen Film Festival (St. Petersburg, FL): Audience Award - Best Feature; Jury Award – Best Feature
Big Island Film Festival (Hawaii): Jury Award, Best Animation
Long Island Film Expo (NY): Audience Award – Best Comedy Feature
Idaho Panhandle Int. Film Festival: Jury Award – Best Sound
Coeur d'Alene Film Festival (Idaho): Audience Award – Best Feature
HD Fest (Los Angeles): Jury Award: Best Feature, Best Director (John Putch)
Oxford Film Festival: Best Screenplay (Rodney Lee Conover, Jeff Hause & Dave Hines)